"Make what you want to make, and make it the way you want to make it." Gwen Marston

Monday, August 24, 2015

At last!

Breaking news:  Just moments ago, these two cats were seen sitting together, with no apparent hissing or growling!  We’re making progress.


When I got Sydney, I thought she was a small cat, but she has the potential to be BIG.  Very long and tall, and she eats a LOT!  So happy to see her healthy and happy and adjusting nicely to our home.

I actually attended two sewing days last week, but it doesn’t seem like I accomplished much.  On Wednesday, I spent the day sewing hexies together.  Now I’m stumped for how to make what I want, so the hexies are on hold while I mull over some ideas.


On Thursday, I ironed my black scraps, and made a Dresden plate for RSC15.


This turned out so much better than I expected.  The color for August is actually indigo, but since I don’t have any, I decided to work with my black and gray scraps.  I think I’ve come up with an idea for a doll quilt, too, so perhaps that will happen tomorrow. 

FNSI was spent embroidering my Val Laird BOM block for August.  And I have most of the quilt top assembled, just waiting for block number nine.  I’ll wait to share pictures then.

I’ve also basted 3 small quilts in the last couple of days, and assembled and sewed together the final eight placemats for my service project.  I will be doing some major quilting in the next few days.  Stay tuned . . .

Happy stitching . . . Sunny


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Another Week Flies By

There wasn’t a lot of stitching happening here this week, but I did manage to finish my monthly cross stitching for Gifted Gorgeousness.  I’m so excited to have finished 8 of the 12 stitcheries now.  And I’m off to a very good start on Number 9.  This is all being done on one large piece, so I’m not ironing it until I’m finished.  Pretend you don’t see the wrinkles.

You can click on the link if you’d like to see the linky list on Jo’s blog and see what other GG’ers are up to this month.

Because I spent no time in the sewing room this week, I still haven’t started on this month’s RSC15 color.  You can pop over to Angela’s blog to see what everyone else is up to.  I did manage to baste a bunch of red hexies for a little project.  I’m working on sewing them together, and might have something to show you when I post next.


Sydney’s health continues to improve, and she is turning into a little firecracker.  She loves to rip and tear through the house now that she’s feeling better.  Here she is at rest, watching birds or squirrels through the window.


And Zippy is jealous that she didn’t get her picture on the blog last time.


They’re still not BFF’s, but we’re continuing to make progress there, too.

DH and I went for a little drive the other day, and I took some of my quilts for a photo shoot.


We had another fun little outing today – the Clustered Spires High Wheel Bike Race.


There was a children’s race.


A penny farthing stack – a self supporting row of bikes.  I think there were 28 bikes present.


And then the main event.


So much fun to watch!  We didn’t stay for the end because it was just too hot out.  The winner was determined by who rode the most laps in an hour.  I got the impression that most of the riders were just there for the fun of riding, not the competition.


I hope to spend more time in the sewing room in the upcoming week.

Happy Stitching . . . . Sunny


Sunday, August 9, 2015

What a Week



You know the expression “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”  Well, there’s no such thing as a free cat, either.  The cat I adopted on Free Cat Friday last week was apparently sick when I got her.  We’ve been to the vet twice, tried three different meds, and had a discussion about hospitalization.  I think she’s pretty well cured now, and did not need to be hospitalized.  Now, I may be a dummy, and didn’t realize that she was sick right away, but they surely had to know at the shelter.  Sad.  But she’s in a loving home now, and will be well cared for.


I still need to work on getting some really cute pictures, but at least now she’s eating and drinking and sleeping in the open, not in hiding.  Her name is Sydney, and she’s about a year old.  Very tall and long!  She and Zippy aren’t quite friends yet, but we’re seeing progress.

I’ve also been to my own doctor twice this week as I’m dealing with a minor medical issue.  My sewing is not affected, but I keep finding other small annoyances. 


This is my container of basting pins, and it is full, because every quilt top that I had basted is now quilted!  Which means that I need to start basting again.  Which means that I have to clear the top of my sewing table.  Since small projects often pile up on the table, I thought I should finish a few of them instead of just moving them around.  I don’t know where they all come from!


A couple of years ago, I was going to make a watermelon wall hanging, and lost interest for some reason.  I had about 3 1/2 of the watermelons made, so I turned them into placemats.  One project off the table!


I also needed a new journal cover for my travels.  My old notebook was full, so I bought a new one in New York earlier this summer, and it didn’t fit my old cover.  But that’s okay, I like making and using them.  I always journal when we travel so if/when I get around to scrapbooking our trips, I’ll have some details to work with.  I found that giant paperclip in my scrapbook supplies, and thought it might make a nice bookmark.  Since I didn’t make much with my red scraps in July for RSC15, I’m continuing with red in August.

I went to a Quilt Show in Frederick MD this past week with several friends.  I ran into so many people that I knew, that I spent more time chatting and didn’t get many pictures.  I didn’t purchase a lot, except at Cathi’s booth – Shakerwood Woolens.  It’s impossible not to want everything she has on display.  When I showed her a pattern picture in a magazine and asked for a suggestion for one of the wools, she said she had exactly the right thing at home, and would ship it to me as soon as she returned. Customer service at its finest.

And I almost forgot – I’ve finished one more quilt!

I could NOT get a decent picture of this.  Too bright outside, and too dark indoors.  It’s similar to a rail fence, with four different light fabrics.  I purchased this fabric on my first shop hop nearly six years ago.  The top was pieced at a retreat a couple of years ago.  It’s quilted with free motion flowers, and I still really like it!  I plan to take some quilts to a park in the near future for some pictures, and maybe I’ll try more with this.  I can’t tolerate sunshine right now, but all will be well soon.

Happy Stitching . . . . Sunny


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wrapping up July

Another month bites the dust.  It was ushered out by a beautiful blue moon.  We saw the moon rising last night as we were returning from dinner.  We stopped for a few pictures, but we didn’t have our ‘real’ cameras, so didn’t get great shots.


And since I had received several mosquito bites earlier in the day, I was not willing to walk in the grass for a better angle!!

I’d share a picture of my new cat, but I can’t find her at the moment.  Much time has been spent over the past two weeks with a sick cat, and then having to say good-bye.  I’d had Chloe for over 14 of her 15 years,   She was a sweet little thing, and it was hard to say good-bye.


I wasn’t planning to get a new cat immediately, but our vacation is coming up soon, and I didn’t want the remaining cat to be an ‘only cat’ while we were away.  So we decided to start looking around.  I found the most awesome cat at the Humane Society, and since they have “Free Cat Fridays”, we ended up with a new cat.  She is a little love bug!  She has alternated between hiding or sitting in one of our laps for hours.  She’s friendly, outgoing, and doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything.  I can’ believe that some other family gave her up.  Pictures will follow when possible.

I went to the Hershey Quilt Show last week, where we were allowed to photograph some of the quilts, but not share them online.  There were some awesome antique quilts, and the remainder were art/show quilts.  Beautiful to look at, but they were obviously made just for competition.  I prefer ‘real’ quilts.  I had hoped to get some inspiration for quilting my own tops, and was disappointed in that area.  There was a huge vendor fair, and while I kept my spending very low, I did buy some stencils and a ruler for my Sweet 16.

Patience and I have been doing more quilting, and here is a quilt that I started a couple of years ago.  I had started echoing the hexies on my regular machine, and quickly determined that was NOT the solution.


It has become apparent that I need to work on my basic math skills, as once again, I did not have enough binding made.  Fortunately, I still had some of the fabric in my scrap bin, and was able to rectify the problem. 

In other hexie news, I’ve been working on my GFG again.  I’ve seen a couple of finished ones cropping up around blog land recently, and I’ve been motivated to spend time on mine.  One friend recommended ‘one thread a day gets it done’ so that has been my goal. 

I think I have all the hexies made, now there’s just the tedious chore of sewing them together.  I did recently run across a really interesting way to finish off the quilt when I get there, so I’ll try the technique on a small project before determining if I want to proceed.

Another quilt was quilted but not yet bound, because I had a new kitty in my lap.  I’ll save it for next month.

Happy Stitching!      Sunny


Sunday, July 19, 2015

FNSI and Christmas in July

Yes, I worked on a Christmas project on Friday night!  I saw this:

on Teri’s Blog back in November, and I knew I wanted to make it.  So I waited until Red was the color for RSC15, and here is my version.  I still need to sew on my buttons.  I’ll do that later tonight or tomorrow.

Although I’m posting a couple of days late, I actually finished by Gifted Gorgeousness early this month.


In other exciting news, I finished my quilt from the Christmas Bee 2011 as my Guild UFO challenge this month.  I had pieced it and even started quilting it some time ago, and quickly gave up.  Now that my Sweet 16, which I have named Patience, and I are becoming friends, it was time to finish the quilting.


Each of the six other participants contributed two blocks.  I requested a star block for one, and their choice for the other, highlighting their specialty.  I received embroidery, applique, and paper piecing.  They each also included a small friendship block that was incorporated into the back.  I forgot to photograph the back, and it’s too dark now to attempt anything. 

And if that’s not enough exciting news, I became a Great Aunt!  The little one arrived six weeks early, at 4 pounds, 12 ounces.  She is healthy and strong, and went home from the NICU after only 8 days.  I can’t wait to meet and snuggle her.


Hope you all had a good weekend!  It’s too hot here to go outdoors for a few days, so there’s more stitching to come.

waiting for snuggles…..Sunny


Friday, July 10, 2015

RSC15 Mid-year check in

Our fearless leader, Angela, has been keeping us motivated all year to use our rainbow of scraps.  We’ve done dark blue, pink, yellow, dark green, purple, light blue, and now red.  Pop over to her blog to see what everyone has been up to so far.  I feel like a total slacker compared to some of these energetic quilters! 


Whereas most people are making numerous blocks each month, and might have the makings of several rainbow quilts at the end of the year, I’m making one Dresden plate each month.  Do you like my ‘design wall’?  The only place I can get a decent picture is out on my deck. 

Although I haven’t photographed them yet, I’m embroidering flowers each month in the appropriate color and they will be the centers of the plates.  I’m still contemplating how I might put them all together at the end of the year. 


I’ve also made a doll quilt each month for Get Your Mrs. Claus On.  I love working with this size, and trying to think up something different each month that will work with my available scraps.

I’ve also made several wall hangings and baby quilts from my scraps, as well as 30 placemats.  I’m amazed and excited to see how much can be made from leftovers.  But just when I think I’m starting to get things under control……..

A box of fabric landed on my doorstep today!  My friend Di is preparing for a move, and she’s cleaning and sorting and reducing her stash.  And she sent all her plaids and homespuns to ME! You see, she has a little quilt made from plaids that I just love, so she’s enabling to make my very own!  She had a few other very special items in the box for me, too.  Thanks Di!!!!

I’m very hard at work finishing my Guild UFO project right now.  But today was a beautiful day, so I took the day off.  Bet you can’t guess what I did!


We didn’t actually see a lot to photograph today, so we just enjoyed the water, the blue sky, the wind in the trees, and the birds singing.  In other words, a perfect day.

Enjoying summer……Sunny

Saturday, July 4, 2015


IMG_3659 - Copy

There was a good chance of rain all day on Friday, and it wasn’t terribly hot, so DH and I grabbed our cameras and took a little tour around the county.  I was hoping to find some old buildings, and perhaps some interesting flowers.  We found both. 










Red winged blackbird – we never see these in our town.






Black-eyed Susans are our state flower.


Oreo cows.  Seriously . Google Oreo cows.

We had a lovely lunch while we were out, so there was no need for a big dinner when we got home.  That left plenty of time for stitching along with the ladies of FNWF.  I’m working with red scraps this month for RSC, so I put the finishing touches on my doll quilt, and made my monthly Dresden.  Visit either link to see what others have been up to.


Today, in celebration of the 4th of July, I’m quilting my Christmas quilt.  It’s made from blocks from a Christmas Bee.  In 2011.  I think it’s high time it got finished, don’t you?  It’s my UFO for the Guild Challenge this month, and I WILL have it finished!

I hope everyone in the US is enjoying a long weekend, and celebrating with fireworks tonight.

Stay safe . . .   Sunny