"Make what you want to make, and make it the way you want to make it." Gwen Marston

Sunday, January 14, 2018

RSC18 and More ice!

I think I may have overextended myself again this year with all the projects I signed up for!  But they're fun, and I'll do my best to keep up.

First up, and easiest is my weekly block for RSC18, where we're working with light blue this month.  Pop on over to see what everyone else is up to this year.  There is a link-up post every Saturday, and anyone can join in at any time!  I'm combining this with another project doing one block each week, so I'll end up with at least 50 blocks by the end of the year.

I've also decided to make the mystery quilt by Kathleen Tracy.  The first block is an applique flower pot, and is just adorable.  I couldn't pass up this one.

Back in approximately 2010 and 2011, I signed up for BOM's at my local quilt shop.  One used specialty templates that I had no idea how to use, so each month the kit was placed in a box and hidden away.  I don't remember why I didn't do the second one, because it was pretty easy.  Maybe I felt guilty because I hadn't done the other?  I don't know. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to make both of these quilts this year.  And I officially have the January blocks done for both of them!  I'll wait to share until I have a few more finished.  Now that I've started, I hope to do more than one a month, and have finished tops before the end of the year. 

We got a call today from a friend who had just crossed a nearby creek in which the ice was breaking up and flowing.  She  told us to grab our cameras and get down there, so we did!  It was amazing to see.  Sadly, we just got a News Flash that it's causing flooding, and some people should be prepared to evacuate.  After what we saw today, I'm not surprised.  Ice can be so beautiful but so dangerous.  We talked to several people who live near the creek, and they don't remember seeing anything like this in the last 50 years!

This slab was about " thick!

The water was no longer flowing here, and this it probably near where the flooding is now.
This is the ice jam that is causing the flooding.

All ice in the middle ground
In other news, I've counted my UFO's as of January 1st, and there were 12.  I've started a few new projects since then, and there are 35-40 more projects that I want to make, and have the fabric for.  I think the time has come to stop buying fabric.  I'll let you know how that works out!!  LOL!

Happy Stitching.....Sunny
Some more ice for my friends down under, who are suffering from sweltering heat

Saturday, January 6, 2018

FNWF and More

Last night was FNWF, and I stitched along with friends all around the world.  Most of the evening was spent with this little stitchery.  It will be part of a larger wall hanging in the near future.

Earlier in the day, I spent a few hours putting together some blocks that I made in the fall, before vacation.  I now have a child's quilt, a baby quilt, and a place mat.  Well, I will when they're quilted, which will be soon, I promise!

These were all made from scraps from a previous project.  The directions had called for fat eighths, but I had to buy fat quarters, so there was a lot of leftover fabric.  The background fabric, and the backing are also leftover from previous projects, so these were all free!

I have been debating over several new  online projects for the year, and finally decided that I could combine two of them!  Darlene, from A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop, has challenged us to make a block every week of the year, from a simple checkerboard pattern.  I've decided to accept the challenge, and combine it with the RSC18 challenge, so I'll be making my weekly blocks using the assigned RSC color each month.  This month is light blue.  This block is pretty simple to make, and I might just make more than one each week!  Who knows.

We are experiencing some extremely cold weather, so I've had plenty of time to stay indoors and play with my fabric.  Earlier in the week, before the temperatures got quite so extreme, I went for a walk to see the frozen Potomac River.  We don't usually have extended periods of temperatures  cold enough to freeze the river, so it was interesting!

No kayaking under this bridge for awhile!

They brought in a backhoe to break a section of ice so crazy people could jump in the river for the Polar Bear Plunge on January 1st.  It's an annual fund raiser that draws quite a crowd.

Snow angel on the canal

Until it warms up, you can find me in my sewing room!      Sunny

Monday, January 1, 2018

December OPAM

Surprise!  I'm back again.  I went outside today to brave the cold for this picture.  It has been unusually cold the past few days, and there doesn't seem to be a warm-up in the near future.  This quilt was from the Class I took at our Cape Cod retreat back in late September.  It's called Atlantic Flyway, and features Deb Tucker's flying geese ruler.  My colors are similar to those shown on the pattern sample, but it was fun to see all the other color combos that classmates chose.

I also whipped up a little cover for my new Featherweight.  Now I just need to clear some shelf space for her to sit when I'm not sewing on her.

And of course I needed to make a spool thread doily for her as well.

Which brings us to my word for the year.  Challenge.  It's not easy to see, but there is a buttonhole on this doily.  I don't know if I've ever made a buttonhole before, but If I have, it would have been in Junior High Home Ec class.  I won't challenge you with the math, but that was a very, very, very long time ago.  I had to decide between the challenge of figuring it out and just doing it, or finding someone to do it for me.  Guess what:  making buttonholes is quite easy.  But you all probably knew that. 

I plan to challenge myself in other ways this year as well.  I'm going to learn some new quilting techniques, improve my photography skills, and address some health/exercise challenges.  And I won't back down from the challenge if I need to make a buttonhole!

How about you?  Have you chosen a Word for 2018?        Sunny

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas gifties!

I cannot start the New Year until I finish with Christmas!  Lucky for me, I still have over an hour to go as I start writing this.

Our Christmas celebration was very low-key this year.  We spent Thanksgiving with my family, and stayed home alone for Christmas.  I had gatherings and luncheons and teas with several different groups and friends.  A lot of festivities throughout the month.

Early in the month, a package arrived from my friend Maria in Australia!  I was so good - I didn't open it until Christmas Eve.  I am notorious for opening gifts early.
This is the neatest scissor keep that I've ever seen.  It lays flat when unzipped, and Maria did the tiniest little applique.  And she even embroidered my name on the back.  It came with some Lynette Anderson fabrics, and a Belgian chocolate lollipop.  The chocolate disappeared earlier tonight.  I can't thank you enough, Maria!

Another package arrived from Di in sunny Florida.  It was chock full of fun little goodies, and the most beautiful pair of hand-knit socks.  They are so soft and warm and cozy.
I believe there was chocolate in this package as well, but it disappeared long before the picture was taken.  There's a beautiful Wildflower calendar, some handy clips, an adorable little coin purse, and other goodies as well.  Thanks so much Di!

I don't usually share what DH gave me, but he outdid himself this year.  He was in a quilt shop in Utah with me, and asked if I like this fabric.  Um .... yes!  Would I want it for Christmas?  Um...YES!!
It's a fat quarter bundle of gorgeous Civil War reproduction fabrics!!  I'm now on the hunt for the perfect pattern to use.  Reproduction fabrics are very popular in our area, and I have a nice selection of books to look through.  I'll start the search in the next day or so as I begin the purge in my sewing/craft room. 

DH also got me a gift certificate from The Singer Featherweight Shop, and these are the goodies I chose.
I needed the new presser foot and LED light bulb for the gift that I bought myself.  In case you didn't see her on FB, here is my newest machine.
She is in great condition, and sews like a dream.  She's already worked on three projects!

I need to take a couple of pictures tomorrow during the daylight, and then I'll be back with my OPAM and my word for the year. 

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!               Sunny

Sunday, December 3, 2017

It's just not possible - Nov OPAM

Is it?  Has an entire month passed since I posted?  I thought it had been a couple of weeks.  Oh well.  Nothing much to share in the line of quiltiness.  I worked on three projects at Quilt Retreat at the beginning of the month, but none of them are finished.  Two weeks later, I went to a scrapbook retreat with my college roommate.  It was held at a State Park, so it was very convenient to get up early each morning for a short hike around the area. 

Somewhere in there, I managed to make 8 mug rugs to be given as favors at an upcoming Christmas luncheon.  I used Christmas colors, but not Christmas fabric, so they can be used year-round.

I also made a little gift to send to Maria.  Fortunately, she took a picture because I forgot to.
So I did manage to have a finish for OPAM.

Thanksgiving week found us in Salt Lake City, UT.  We had planned to go visit my sister for Christmas, but my brother was able to go for Thanksgiving, so we moved up our visit.  We had family time, and plenty of sightseeing.  And I finally got to meet up with Vickie from Creative Notions.  We 'met' through a  swap several years ago, and finally had the chance to meet for lunch. 
More on that later......

I'll leave you with a few (?) images from Utah.
Two darling great nieces
A quilt shop!!

Snow at Snobwird Ski Resort

Look at how high I hiked!!

Christmas lights at Temple Square
I've spent this entire weekend working on blocks for a swap for a retreat.  Almost finished!!  I hope to have more to show in my next post, which will be in less than a month, I promise.

Keep on Stitching....... Sunny

Devil's Kitchen on Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Another month comes to a close, and what a month it's been!  You might be surprised to know that I actually did some stitching.

The first thing I did when I returned from my Cape Cod Retreat, was finish the top we started.  I had made the borders, but they needed to be attached, which went quickly.  This is a Deb Tucker pattern, appropriately named Atlantic Flyway.  It is currently in the to-be-quilted pile!

With another retreat coming up in a couple of days,  I've been trying to clean off my sewing table.  I needed to use up some leftover fabric, so I decided to whip out some churn dash blocks.  They take a lot longer than I expected!     I hope to get a baby quilt and a doll quilt from this pile.  After retreat.

There were also some orphan blocks and strips that I couldn't just throw away, so they became place mats.  I also used up some fabric that was in my pink pile, and I can never find a use for.
The place mats will count for OPAM along with a lavender baby afghan that I finished in the car on the way out west, and 11 tiny little name badges that I finished earlier this evening to take to retreat.  The afghan was left in South Dakota, along with the baby quilts from last month's OPAM.

Tomorrow I'll be packing for retreat.  I have cut out 4 projects, so I'm ready to roll.  I always take one project for each day, and usually an extra for 'just in case".  Like, just in case I forgot part of something, or any number of other minor tragedies.  I take fairly simple things that don't require a lot of concentration, because there's a lot of gabbing going on!  I can't wait!!

We've had rain all day today, which is why the above pictures are so dark and dreary.  We made sure to get out yesterday for a hike to enjoy the beautiful fall day.

Many of those pretty leaves are probably gone today, with the rain and the wind.

Keep on stitching......Sunny