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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Quilting Journey

Many of the Charming Girls told their quilting stories last month. As usual, I'm a little behind, but I still wanted to play so here's my story.

I was invited to attend a quilt Retreat over Mother's Day weekend 2009, to spend some girl time with my sister-in-law. I reminded that her I didn't quilt. She suggested that I attend anyway, and bring my scrapbooking, just so we could spend some quality time together. By the end of 3 days of watching the others make their quilts, and looking at luscious fabrics, I decided that I was going to try a new craft! I've always admired quilts, and I own a few from the 30's, but I couldn't imagine having the patience to cut up fabric just to sew it back together. Once I saw the wonders of rotary cutters in action, I realized that this couldn't be all that hard. And just think of all the pretty quilts that could be mine!!

A couple of weeks later, I bought several fat quarters and decided that I was going to make a crazy quilt. What a crazy idea! I quickly decided that I needed to take a class, and I was able to take one in the fall, and completed my first quilt - a log cabin. Shortly after that, I went on a two-state shop hop and bought enough fabric for several projects. You would think that would be enough, but no............ I also started reading quilt blogs at about that time, and soon stumbled upon the Charming Girls and Guys Quilt Club. When I inquired about joining, my name was put on a waiting list because the club was full. I didn't have to wait very long to be accepted and in the meantime I started my own blog. Since then, I've completed several quilts, (all of which are shown in earlier posts) but more importantly, I've made new friends around the world! And I've got enough inspiration to make more quilts than I could ever finish in a lifetime. Now, it's time to get back to blog-hopping, looking for more inspiration.


  1. What a great journey! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I'm so glad that you started quilting - and to get to share in the journey with you!

  2. thanx for sharing!!! your last few words are exactly how I feel!! {"back to blog-hopping, looking for more inspiration!"} Hope you don't mind, I may steal that quote for one of my posts... {if u look at my posts, you'll see that I really only have one following, but I will reference you, although I don't know how to link your blog to mine}.
    I, too, have enjoyed scrapbooking, crocheting and cross stitch... and am trying my hand at quilting, too!!!
    I look forward to following your quilting dreams~~~

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and I am glad you are my blogging friend too.

  4. Oh I am so glad you came on board and we got the chance to connect. You not only are inspired but you do inspire others also... SEW glad we met!

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey. It is so interesting how we have all ended up on the same journey, just with differnt starts! And I agree- blogs are a wonderful inspiration, and a great way to meet like minded friends.

  6. Hi Sunny!
    Not only are you late in sharing, I'm late in checking out your blog! Awww how sweet is that for her to want your company and suggest you do your scrapbooking. The log cabin was my first quilt too. I just love mine and wish it wasn't wearing out. Thanks for sharing your story, I thought it was interesting.


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