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Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Block Swap Adventure-Block received!

I received this beautiful basket block from Cheryll of Gone Stitchin'.  I asked for basket patterns, either pieced or appliqued.  You have got to see this BEAUTIFUL applique!
I am now on my way to building a wonderful quilt, with two fantastic blocks.  This is a really great swap!

Counting my blessings, and my basket blocks......Sunny


  1. Wow Sunny Cheryll did a beautiful job of your block. Just love the flowers.

  2. I love basket blocks too--have done some quilts of them--glad you are getting some pretty blocks for yours--way to go girl!!
    well==happy Valentines day--
    watch that chocolate now!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  3. Oh now I see the connection: a bunch of basket blocks can only mean there's a basket quilt in the making! Unless you just want to have a bunch of basket pillows around your house. (Or your bed and breakfast!) How fun for you. This is a really pretty block. Did you ask for certain colors to be used? It's so nice when people take the time to use their talents and send something special - like she did.


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