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Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Block - BSA

We failed to stop and get our mail yesterday, so I just found this in the mailbox today.  I am tickled pink!  This is from Barbara in Arizona.  I'm also going to add it to the post below so they'll all be together.  Isn't this lovely?  Everyone has totally nailed my colors, and I'm getting a variety of styles of baskets.
Blogger is being contrary today, and I cannot get this to post in the direction that I want it.  And the colors are much nicer in real life than in this photo!

Here is the block that I sent to Barbara.  She requested a 9-patch, (but not just a plain 9-patch) in Civil War Fabrics.  She seemed pleased with her block.

This is a fun swap!  Today, I even got to go shopping for April fabric, because the wish list does not include anything in my stash.   Darn.....

Counting my blessings...........Sunny


  1. Darn don't you hate that when you can't use your stash - that was me in the 3x6 Bee I had no orange - I mean WHY would I have orange or yellow for that fact LOL LOL LOL

  2. So Thursday passed,but I love your Wednesday
    Hexagons last week as well.
    And great to see your progress in all the baskest,very clever done:-)
    Happy Sewing to you,Sunny!

  3. Great basket block from Barbara. I love the block you made for her!

  4. Both blocks are lovely.
    It is annoying when you can't just to to your stash and sew a block. Darn!!

  5. Both blocks are excellent Sunny!

  6. I like the way you are getting a basket quilt, by being in a bee having others make them. Very fun and a cool way to get a lot of different ones and styles that you wouldn't have thought of. Plus it will be special since your "new" friends have sent them to you.

  7. Love your new header. Love your blocks they are lovely.

    Carolyn :)


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