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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday–So Right, Sunday–So Wrong

I guess I should start with FNWF, in case anyone came here looking for stitchy stuff.  I didn’t get around to working on the baby quilt, but I did finish this wall hanging, except for burying a few threads.


I quilted it on the Sweet 16, and I need lots and lots and lots of practice.  I also started a couple of hexie flowers, but Ill wait till Wednesday to show them.

SATURDAY:  was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.


We had a beautiful day driving around and taking tons of pictures.  Naturally, the evening was not complete without a wonderful seafood dinner.

SUNDAY:  The plan was for me to take a sunrise walk on the beach, but it was too cold.  Cold and very windy.  This is not how a boardwalk and beach should look.






We had breakfast, spent a couple of hours on the boardwalk enjoying the invigorating air, and then did a little Outlet shopping before we left town.  I even bought a bathing suit.  I think it’s been at least ten years since I bought the last one.  We ran into a little traffic on the way home, but it wasn’t bad compared to summer beach traffic.


We got home early enough to go out for our traditional Cinco de Mayo dinner.  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  Now it’s time to start planning the next getaway!

Kindness matters…..Sunny



  1. I love your mini... a snowman amongst snowball blocks... just perfect.... the weather seems to be a bit up and down...

  2. lovely pics Sunny and love your mini.xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend, apart from the weather on Sunday.

  4. Love your little wall hanging. Tell me about your sweet sixteen...do you use a quilting frame too? The beach is beautiful, even when it's cold. :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend getaway.

  6. I do love the snowballs with the snowman - very clever. Lovely pictures of birds. I bet you did really enjoy working your sweet sixteen, it sounds wonderful.

  7. Nice mini and pleased you got yo practise on the Sweet 16...
    Looks like you had a lovely weekend even though it was cold..

  8. Great mini and your weekend sounded wonderful even if it did get a bit chilly , love the photos!

  9. Oh, the pictures are exquisite. At first I thought maybe they were NJ, but they are in MD, right? Where did you take the beach photos? OC, MD? Just gorgeous.

  10. Great snowman with the snowballs. Love it. Gorgeous birds, too. Always love a weekend away!

  11. Beaut pics Sunny, love the boardwalk in it's windy state...
    The quilting looks great, you will just have to get lots of practice using it if you want to improve your skills, LOL x

  12. Enjoyed your pics, Sunny. The sewing will be there - don't worry. LOL

  13. The snowman quilt is a sweet one. A cold look done in the blues and just right for a snowman.

  14. In previous posts, I noticed you are making Grandmothers Garden with hexies. How do you make your hexies? I've used different methods and get frustratd before making enough hexies for a project.

  15. Great photos and the quilting looks great. :-)


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