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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OFW and belated FNSI Results

I’ve been so busy working on swap items, that I haven’t had time to post.  I hadn’t done any swaps for awhile, and now I’m in three with nearly the same due dates.  Here’s a peak of one item:

I finished this during FNSI last week, and I also finished the pink scarf that’s under it. 






I didn’t think to take pictures outdoors over the weekend, and now it’s too dark to get anything decent.  When I showed the scarf last week, several people asked about the pattern.  If you missed the link, I found it here.  It’s very simple, and a great project for the car.

I tried something a little different for my hexie flower this week.  It’s still pink, but the petals aren’t all the same.


To see more pretty flowers, visit Karen for the weekly links.  Thanks Karen!


Must get back to stitching now!

Kindness matters…..Sunny



  1. Love the scarf Sunny and the fabulous flower too!

  2. Wonderful scarf and a beautiful flower

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. gorgeous scarf Sunny love the colour,and these swaps are so much fun and you make the nicest friends.xx

  4. The pinks are so pretty - both the scarf and the flower. I like the different petals on the flower.

  5. Your scarf is lovely and it will surely make someone smile. Thanks for sharing the pink scarf project with us. I can't knit or crochet, but I did want to contribute. I sent my 'bought' scarves out this week. :))

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty! And I forgot FNSI again... sigh..! xxx

  7. Such a lovely pink scarf..
    Nice flower to add to your garden Sunny.

  8. Ahh--the color pink!!!!
    goes straight to my heart everytime!!
    they say 'old' ladies love purple--
    I am old--and I like purple--but!!!!
    the safety pins in the small quilt are large sized!! Have gotten lazy lately and not basted the quilts with thread and large stitches--but it is ok for the smaller ones to just pin--but this is the last small one--so may have to take time and baste the next ones!!!grrrrrrrr!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  9. love the pattern on the scarf....is that knitted or crocheted? And your flower for the week is lovely......what kind of real flower is that last photo?

  10. Looks like you have been busy. Everything is so gorgeous! You do wonderful work.

  11. I forgot to tell you last time I was here that I love your new header. The flowers are just so relaxing to look at. Beautiful new hexie flower. I think this one is my favorite!

  12. That scarf is gorgeous!!! Yes, a great car project - unfortunately, I'm always driving, lol!

  13. Love the scarf pattern thanks . Your flower looks gorgeous with different colour petals :-)))

  14. Pretty pink scarf and flowers (stitched and real)!

  15. Hey Sunny! I got your cute as wee Postcard today! Thank you, it is really sweet!

  16. Thank you for posting the link for the pink scarf pattern! I love your hexie flowers too.


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