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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I've done it again.  Remember the coasters and place mats from the last post?

And there were more coasters this week.
Well, all the ones made with the Christmas fabrics were from leftover strips from a jelly roll.  And I think they're gorgeous.  The problem is, I had been planning to use those leftover strips for the binding of my jelly roll quilt!  What was I thinking?!?  I only hope that I have enough of the backing fabric to make the binding also.

So anyway, I've been making coasters for Christmas gifts.  Nothing fancy, just something to stick in some stockings.

I received my postcard last week from Eglea in Brazil, as part of Sheila's postcard swap.

The top of the gift is actually open and the little folded Dove of Peace was tucked inside.  Thanks Elgea, it's beautiful!  She hasn't received my card yet, so I'll share it later.

I have my last guild party tonight, following several other gatherings and parties over the past 10 days or so.  Gifts  have been shared, cookies baked and exchanged, food has been consumed, and many laughs have been shared.  We've had some cooler weather, with frigid temperatures forecast for the next few days.  Only a dusting of snow so far, and I'm okay with that!  

I'll close with a picture of a wall hanging that I made last year after Christmas.  It's hanging in my bedroom, and I love waking up to it.

Be kind.....always......  Sunny

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  1. Good morning Sunny ,ooops i do things like that too,but the coasters look fantastic my friend.
    Hope you have a lot of fun at your guild party Sunny.

  2. I have done that too! Now you just need to get creative for the binding. ;-) Your coasters are all so cute!

  3. Oh dear! How do those things happen? On the positive side maybe the fabric will be better used (appreciated) as coasters. Love the little wall hanging. And I still love the little Christmas Tree one that you sent to me!

  4. Oh no that's sew annoying and I've cut into a piece of backing I had put away once...Grrr..
    I'm sure the folks will love there coasters.
    Love your wall hanging...
    Has a parcel from Aussie arrived ?

  5. Love all your coasters Sunny but it is a shame you have used the fabric you had saved.... oh well, just have to have a fabric shopping trip! Christine x

  6. Cute coasters and mug rugs--I have no doubt that you will find enough fabric for binding for your project--or it will make a great excuse to go shopping!!!!
    and I love your Santa wall hanging--
    I bet with all those 'parties' you are ready for a rest and some simple hand stitching!!!
    love and laughter, di

  7. Those coasters are lovely and will make such a great gift.

    Isn't that a terrific postcard. I love the little dove.

  8. Yes! Guilty here of doing that also. I love all festive sewing and your wall hanging is lovely. It would be lovely to wake up to each morning x

  9. love those coasters and placemats. sounds like you need to buy another jelly roll ....what? just sayin LOL I cant tell you how many times I used up fabric that was supposed to be for something else.

  10. Wonderful coaster sets, such a great gift idea!
    Love your beautiful Santa wall hanging too.
    Hope you have enough of that backing fabric for your binding.

  11. You have been busy coastering away!! ­čśé I bought some fabric for a project and ended up using it for binding on another quilt. So now I need more navy fabric!!! Merry Christmas!!

  12. Oh No! Not good, but I'm sure you'll find a suitable fabric for the binding Sunny... It's kid of funny but I do feel for you ♥

  13. The coasters look great - a shame about your binding; I hope you can find something suitable in your stash - otherwise you may just have to go shopping....oh no! The postcard is really lovely and what a fun idea with the pocket! The Santa is too cute :-)

  14. Hi Sunny, I added a link to your blog on my latest post. Thank you again for the lovely fabric. You are a Sweetie Pie, Connie :)


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