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Friday, August 3, 2018


I hate to complain, because many of you are in severe drought.  But we have had so much rain this year, that it's difficult to do much outside.  So I've been spending a LOT of time sewing and quilting.  In addition to the finishes that I shared in my last post, I completed 14 place mats for Meals on Wheels.  No photo, sadly.  I love having some of them to work on when I start quilting.  I use them as my warm-up exercises.

This next quilt has been in the works for nearly two years.  I put it on my list for the UFO challenge this year to make sure it got done.  And I LOVE it!!

I also finished the top for Kathleen Tracy's small group for small quilts.  It was a mystery that started back in January, I think.  I added the applique to the borders - it's not part of her pattern.
I plan to do some quilting over the weekend, but probably won't get to this one just yet.

We did have a few nice days last week, so I spent a couple of afternoons at the pool, and DH and I took a little wildflower jaunt one afternoon.

Have a great weekend, and keep on stitching!!     Sunny


  1. Sorry you are getting too much rain--but it is helping you--get more projects finished--sooo????
    Love the reindeer named quilt--nice colors on it too--that should keep you warm while in the chair sewing this winter!! And I like how you finished off the K. Tracy quilt top--mine is sitting on the ironing board--still just the center block finished--someday!!
    and you know I love the nature photos--do you ever take photos of the kitties????
    enjoy, di

  2. Hi Sunny wow what beautiful work you have done,love the xmas quilt its awesome. Hope you arent getting too wet,lovely flower pics xx

  3. To wet to dry they all have there issues........
    Lovely pics.... ...

  4. We had lots of rain and now it is very dry. Although the last few days have been pleasant, I think it's going to get very warm - maybe I'll get some quilting time. Your reindeer quilt is darling! And I do love your wildflower photos. ~Jeanne

  5. Oh I love your Dasher quilt Sunny, beautiful! Very hot (as it is here) or very wet (as it was over the winter) means lots of extra sewing time here too. Sadly the garden suffers from lack of attention in both cases but heigh ho! xx

  6. wet weather is a perfect reason to be inside and sewing... I love your reindeer names quilt... the colours are just perfect for it - so striking....

  7. Rain = guilt free sewing. And you’ve kept busy with some delightful projects! Placemats for Meals on Wheels are perfect for warming up your FMQ! Clever! Glad you had a few nice days! Your pictures are always so lovely!

  8. Love your Reindeer quilt and pretty flimsy. Also love all your nature shots xx

  9. Love your reindeer quilt. Your flowers are so pretty. I'm sure they are enjoying the rains.

  10. I love love love the reindeer quilt! Was it challenging? Your little mystery quilt turned out pretty too. Good to hear from you.

  11. It's sew nice to make the placemats for Meals on Wheels.
    Your Reindeer quilts looks fantastic....
    Such a pretty little applique quilt.
    Nice you got to go out and about and snap some pretty flower pics too.

  12. I'm glad you are enjoying your sewing time.

  13. It the reindeer quilt your own design? It certainly is unique. Nice work on it. I know you must be so glad to have your sweet sixteen you've been doing so good on the quilting.

  14. Isn't it crazy that one place can have rain and others get none for so long. It seems so unfair.
    I love all your finishes.
    Your Dasher quilt looks wonderful. So glad to se it finished and looking great.

  15. I really like your 'reindeer quilt' (I like that it's not red and green). Beautiful flower photos.

  16. I love the Christmas quilt!!!! Well done for finishing! xx

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