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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A not-so-stitchy day

As you all know, hubby has been having some health issues this summer, and has been unable to eat much.  However, I keep going to the produce market each week!  We have a freezer full of zucchini bread, corn and peaches.  And after today, there is more corn, peaches, and peach bread!  I wanted to use the peaches in something that could freeze for later use, not just a pie or cobbler.
A few remaining peaches went into the freezer.
Then on to the apples that were past their prime.  How about an apple walnut cake?  Hubby will take most of this to work.
I also found some ears of corn in the fridge that I bought a couple of days ago and forgot, so into the freezer with them.
I actually cooked a real dinner tonight, but I didn't take any pictures.  I haven't been cooking much lately.

Next it was on to the bedroom, where I cleaned out my closet.
I filled two bags with unwanted clothes to take to the Rescue Mission.  Last week I cleaned out my drawers, so the bedroom is almost finished.
And then there were the bills to be paid.  I just paid them last month....why do I have to do it again?
So after all that, hubby comes home, and says "what did you do all day?  Why didn't you feed the outside cats?"  It's illegal to shoot him, isn't it?

Yesterday, I made my final trip to Borders.  I picked up 9 books for $31.  I've probably mentioned a time or six that I love books.
And you know I can't go an entire day without stitching something, so here are my weekly flowers!  My computer is so slow tonight that I've actually been stitching hexies while I wait for pictures to upload.
So there you have it, a day in my life.   Hopefully there will be more stitchy news tomorrow.

Counting my blessings.....Sunny


  1. A worthwhile day, even if you didn't feed the outside cats... topped off nicely with some cute little hexies - they are an excellent time filler aren't they?

  2. You accomplished alot today!! That peach bread looks delicious! I think it is illegal to shoot your husband, I don't think it's illegal to shoot him with a paint ball gun, though. ;o) It might get your point across. :) Men.. (eye roll) ha

  3. You've made me very, very hungry now girl....and reminded me it's time to weed out the cooler weather clothing that doesn't fit! Gosh, I hope SOMETHING fits...great deals on your books, isn't it sad about Borders? Love your hexagons!

  4. Could you move in next door, I would love to try that peach bread and the apple cake looks very good too. I'm not to organized so maybe some of your skills would rub off.....

  5. No We can't shoot them but sometimes. LOL

    Yep that is what my days can be like . don't know how women fit work in.

    Lovely flowers. what are you doing with your brown ones SPJ???

  6. Men! You can't shoot them but you can nip them when they are asleep!! I have been filling the freezer with tomato and onion sauce, my neighbour provides us with tomatoes, baskets full, far more than we can eat and I hate waste so I make up the sauce for the winter months. Did I just say winter...how depressing.

  7. It's probably illegal to shoot them, but how about taking some peaches out of the freezer and throwing them at him? I'm sure that's legal.

    I've never heard of peach bread, but it looks (and sounds) delicious.

  8. It's definitely illegal to shoot your hubby - I've done lots of research. LOL

    What???? You didn't feed the outside cats!!! LOL


  9. Oh wow.... well now you have done all that... can you pop over and do a bit of cooking and tidying up here? I'll let you sit and do some stitching and won't ask that silly question men seem to feel they have to ask..... hmmmm

  10. Your day sounds like it was overflowing! Beautiful flowers once again this week :)

  11. You were so busy I feel tired just reading about it. Haha! You didn't feed the cats? Shame. LOL

  12. You have been very productive, and it is a great time to clean closets and donate since the weather is cooler. I really really wish I had a big slice of that Apple Walnut cake with my coffee.

  13. I would love to have a bite of the bread or the Apple Walnut cake - they both look so good.

  14. You are on a roll!! Good for you. Now you can put your feet up and do a little reading. :) Lovely flowers too!

  15. Look as though you had a very busy day ..... I would love to have some of the goodies you baked!!! YUMMY----:)


  16. This is my first time visiting your blog. I feel like a slacker after reading all you accomplished in one day! Your bread looks really yummy! And your flowers are wonderful. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend. ~Roberta

  17. Whew I am tired just reading all that you did , how about the recipe for peach bread sounds delicious . Love those chocolate hexies , sweet!

  18. what a great post Sunny you certainly have been busy


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