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Friday, March 29, 2013

Southern Hospitality

I live in Maryland, which is technically a southern state.  But to get to the real state, you have to drive a few more miles to Virginia.  I’m always amazed by the difference in the attitudes of people.  Sales people seem genuinely happy to see you and answer questions.  Wait staff are friendly and nice.


Today’s travels brought us to Charlottesville, Virginia.  Mr. QD wanted to visit Monticello, home of our founding father, Thomas Jefferson.  We arrived at the ticket office at noon, only to be told that the earliest we could a tour was at 4:00 pm.  Sorry, I’m not waiting that long.  So we went into Charlottesville and spent some time walking along the Pedestrian Mall, and eating lunch.  There were many restaurants to choose from, and lots of cute shops.  There was some interesting artwork.


This ‘sofa’ is made from mosaic tiles.  Hubby sat on it and said it wasn’t very comfortable – LOL!

There were street musicians, and at one end of the mall was a huge area where there’s live music in the summer.  There was also a large stone wall that was used as a chalkboard, and was enjoyed by children of all ages.


Later in the afternoon, we located the local Quilt Shop, and I made sure to look at each and every item in the store while hubby napped in the car.   I walked out with only a few fat quarters!  I made a rather large purchase earlier in the week, so I need to cut back on the spending for awhile.  But it wouldn’t be polite to walk out empty handed, now would it!?!

The plan is to drive home tomorrow via Skyline Drive.  I must go get rested up!

You can never do a kindness to soon because you never know how soon it will be too late. --Ralph Waldo Emerson




  1. I'm always amazed that Maryland and Virginia are called Southern states. I guess they refer to who was the North and who was the South in the Civil War? Because what I consider is southern or northern United States, like Texas and Louisiana and Georgia are southern and Maryland and Virginia are way north or that. But anyway, interesting topic and interesting trip ya'll took. Sounds like you had lots of fun and I'm glad you were polite and bought those fqs.

  2. That sounds like a good trip! It was nice of you to help out that LQS with a few purchases;)

    I was just in the same area a couple times this month. My dad was in the hospital called Martha Jefferson which seems like a strange mix of names to me, but the hospital was pretty good. He's home now and I just drove down with the whole family to visit. The kiss had fun and my dad looks a lot better than he did in the hospital.

  3. Sounds like an interesting time! So pleased you supported the local economy by remembering your manners! Have a great drive home!

  4. Amazing mosaic sofa. How kind to help out the local patchwork shop. Lol. Hope you continue to enjoy it all.

  5. Thanks for the cool trip to Virginia today....I had fun...lol! Incidentally you know how you "stalk" blogs for awhile before you realize there are more pages to see? Well I just visited your BSA page and saw all your lovely baskets and then went to your photo page too! I loved all the photos but the cloud photos were magnificent! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like a fun day ,thanks for taking us along:-)Happy Easter

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  8. You always manage to find interesting places to spend your time. I think you need to write a travel guide!

  9. Yes, Southern Hospitality made you buy those fat qtrs! Congrats on your sweet 16 - I forgot to comment the day I read about it. I'm glad you had a nice trip and adventure.


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