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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hexies, Squishies, and Hexie Squishies

When I received my partner assignment for The Inchy Swap this month, I immediately searched by stash for some dots.  As it turns out, I don’t have many dots.  I need to rectify that problem.  But I found some to make two hexie flowers, and I also made one for myself with fabric I bought on my shopping expedition with Irene last weekend.  For more hexie inspiration, visit our hostess Karen for links to more flowers.


I received my May flowers from the swap this week too, so I’ve been surrounded by hexie goodness.  Thanks to Maggie for these pretty pinks.


And the same day the hexies arrived, I received this beautiful mug rug from Wendi!


A sunny flower for Sunny!  I’ve made my mug rug for Wendi, but she hasn’t received it yet, so I won’t show it until later.




This weekend, I’ll be joining Hazel and the Christmas gang for the monthly Christmas Quilt Along. 


It’s not to late to join in, and Quilt Sue has issued a very interesting challenge.  You know you want to check it out.  And Christmas is almost here!

Be kind to those on your Christmas list…..Sunny



  1. love those hexies Sunny and love that happy mug rug.xx

  2. Your hexies are cute! What size are they?

  3. Love your hexies. You must be getting a pretty big pile by now.

  4. What a nice bunch of blooms Sunny! The mug rug suits you just fine.

  5. Great job on the hexies. The mug rug is cute. Love it.

  6. Lovely hexies and your Mug rug is very pretty too.

  7. Well first, I love your new blog wallpaper and that beautiful new "Sunny-flower" on your header! Next, your hexie flowers are lovely...Irene said the shop you went to together was fabulous and she hated that she had to control herself because of suitcase space limitations but that the company she had made up for it. Cheers!

  8. Oh my what pretty hexies that you made and received!! and I love the rug--too pretty to use though--like it hanging better!!!!!
    I did check out the Christmas challenge just now--but not to use red or green--not sure about that as those are my true Christmas colors!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  9. What a gorgeous Mug Rug. Bex and I are hooked on mug rugs... how many is too many I wonder? lol

  10. Hi Sunny, wow I am loving the new blog look & especially the header pic!
    The hexy flowers this week are so pretty and that mug rug is so lovely.
    Good luck with the Christmas Quilt Along - I shall be cheering from the sidelines, LOL x

  11. Love your pretty hexies Sunny and I think your mug rug flower would brighten up any day!

  12. Love that mug rug, Sunny! I've never made hexies - aren't they great? Another thing for the to-do list!

    Look forward to seeing you at the Christmas QAL this weekend - whoop whoop!

  13. Cute hexies and love the mug rug!! Hmmm... Christmas QAL? Sounds tempting! xxx

  14. You are having a great week with those hexies and mug rug! I know some day I'm going to give hexies a try.

  15. Oooh, that flower is so cute/pretty. Very nice. It will look so wonderful anywhere in your home.

  16. That is a really cute little mug rug... Wendy is going to love it!

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