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Sunday, July 21, 2013

KP Duty

Since DH retired about a year ago, he has taken on most of the cooking duties.  Lucky for us, he’s a much better cook than I am!  I’ve been offering to cook on Sundays to give him a break, and tonight I tried two new recipes.  We had a wonderful corn pudding and scallop stuffed mushrooms.  I guess I should have taken pictures to prove that I can cook.


KP duty on Sunday includes buying our fresh produce.  Then I have to cut up the melon, husk and cook the corn for the corn pudding, and eat a peach!  I couldn’t resist the peaches this week.

Continuing with KP theme, I made aprons this weekend!


I still have to add the strings to some of them, but I’m really happy with how they’re turning out.  I’m making two identical wall hangings.  Do you recognize the pattern yet?

The heat wave finally broke here, but the humidity is still very high, and it’s uncomfortable to be outdoors.  I did manage to get a few flower pictures today, though, so I’ll share them as I bid you good-night!    Sunny

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  1. Your fresh produce looks nice Hmmm peaches. It is not the season for them here now.
    No don't recognise the apron pattern but they are cute....
    Such pretty flowers even with your heat...

  2. yummy fresh produce your meal sounds delicous Sunny and love your pics.xx

  3. Love having meals cooked by somebody else. Yum!
    Gorgeous mini aprons. I will have to wait and see!

  4. My husband cooks sometimes Sunny but not as much as yours - I sure wish he did! blessings, marlene

  5. A juicy, drippy peach is one of the best things of summer. Cute little aprons; dresdens?

  6. Yum to fresh peaches. The ones we get here are usually tasteless.
    What are you doing with so many aprons?

  7. The menu sounded awesome. Yummo. The flowers are just gorgeous.

  8. My husband does almost all the cooking too. You are doing the right thing to give him a break so that he doesn't burn out. How was the scalloped mushrooms? Sounds delicious. Is it something worth sharing with us?

  9. Summer is the best time for KP duty because all the fresh produce makes it easy to whip up a quick dinner. YUM!

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  11. Your aprons look like a Bee in my Bonnet something or another. ;) Your flower pic's are so pretty. I have some pink coneflowers and a few sunflowers this year. Happy flowers make me think of God smiles!

  12. Those Aprons are so cute... no don't know what the pattern is yet...! xxx

  13. those fruits and veggies sure do look yummy.

  14. Cute aprons and the fresh fruit is making my mouth water...trying to catch up on my blogs today...


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