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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Tax Day!

I used to always file my taxes in early February, as soon as I received my W-2.  The last couple of years have seen me racing to the Post Office on the 14th or 15th.  If I had done it earlier, I could already have my refunds, and have them spent!

I’ve still been stitching like crazy.  I spent a lovely day last week with my SIL and a friend, and whipped up this little cutie.  I got the inspiration from another blog, but I can’t remember where I saw it.


I also worked on my giant hexies that day, and now have a finished baby quilt.


A couple of people have asked how giant the hexies are, that they’re about 1 3/4 inches on a side.  I’ve compared one here to a standard 1 inch and a 3/4 inch that I’m working on for another project.


Does anyone remember the Stay at Home Robin from a couple of years ago?  Well I finally (almost) finished mine for our UFO Challenge at Guild this month.

It’s only ‘almost’ finished, because I didn’t have enough binding!!  I probably made the binding a couple of years ago, and there’s no more fabric.   Sad smile   Does anyone have a small piece of this, or knows the name of a website where I might find it?  Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the selvedge, so I have no idea what it is. 

I’m still keeping up with my goals for Gifted Gorgeousness.  I’ve even started on my May piece, but had to do some ripping.  Here’s April:

I can’t spend ALL my time sewing, so DH and I went in search of some wildflowers last weekend. 


I just love that Spring is finally here!!!!!

What’s up with you?   Sunny


  1. Happy tax day? You must expect a refund or something.... Love your stitching and quilting and pics.
    Evalina, This and that...

  2. Ha - hubby races out just as the post office is closing, every year. I ADORE that little basket quilt - so charming!!!! And how nice to have flowers, I'm still waiting here, lol. Hope it doesn't snow again.

  3. wow Sunny you sure have been busy,love al your work and srryi dont have any of that fabric,but i hope someone does for you xx

  4. That little basket quilt is so cute ... and other finishes aren't exactly chopped liver. Ha! Good luck with finding the fabric you're missing.

  5. hope you find your binding fab or a suitable sub. pretty little finishes. you have very pretty wildflowers too. I think I saw a daffy in bloom in the back garden. whoot whoot! we still dont know what is in there as last year the tree fell in back and covered the garden up.

  6. Lots of lovely projects you have been working on Sunny. Your Stay at Home Round Robin is gorgeous. Sorry don't have any fabric to match yours...
    Sew many beautiful Spring Flowers..

  7. Sorry can't help with the fabric. So many lovely projects, love the cross stitch !!

  8. The wildflowers are so pretty! And so are your quilts! WOWOWOWOW good on you for finishing your sahr!! Doing mine was a goal for this year but it hasn't happened just yet! Your cross stitch is so cute, as well.

  9. I well remember the Stay an Home Robin.......... Still haven't finished mine either.......
    Well, we moved in the middle of that project and it is among the missing in the upstairs store... Lots of unfinished projects are up there....... Right now I am trying to get the ones downstairs finished.............

  10. Your "robin" quilt is beautiful. I hope you can find some fabric to finish it. Your cross stich looks like fun too.

    You found lots of great wildflowers. Spring must be here!!! Yeah.

  11. I love all your quilts! Wish I had some fabric for you so you could finish it. Love the flowers, we are still a little bit sparse on the flower side here!

  12. Such lovely quilts. You got a lot done. Great job!

  13. I am usually like you with my taxes but I actually sent them off early this year and already got my refund! Maybe I can remember next year how I accomplished that.......but not holding my breath....lol.........all your finishes are lovely Sunny....I especially love the round Robin quilt.......I have always thought about doing one of those.......

  14. Oh Sunny, you have been busy!!! I love the giant hexie quilt. Did you paper piece those?

  15. I really like all those projects and what lovely work you do--
    love the flower photos too-finally can get my big camera out and start snapping photos--
    still need to get the one lens cleaned--then watch out!!!

  16. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Great little design and some lovely quilts too.
    I'm PAYE so I don't have to do a tax return now. Mind you, my part time work mean I don't actually E enough to P anything!

  17. Tax returns are such a nuisance!! Getting money back is great, though!
    Lovely work with both the pink quilt and the giant hexies. I hadn't thought of using them like that for a baby quilt. Great idea.
    Good luck finding your fabric!!
    Aren't the Spring flowers lovely!

  18. Stop posting pics of your cute Santa's Village, Sunny! I've not started mine & I'm getting jealous, LOL
    That's really bad luck about the bind fabric - I wish I could wave my Magic Wand & send you some... I'm sure something suitable will turn up for you

  19. I'm so glad you're finally finishing your Stay-at-home-robin quilt. Doesn't it feel good to finish out a project? I checked my stash but don't have that fabric you asked for. When I've run out of binding material before, I added a piece of another fabric out of the same project as an accent in the binding. Enjoy your tax return!

  20. I love all three of your quilts! I do have a special place in my heart for basket quilts, so I especially love your pink baskets. I hope you find some more of the binding fabric or a close match. Beautiful Blooms!

  21. These are beautiful, as a newish quilter myself I know how much work has gone into these. Love the bigger hexies

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  23. It's good to know that you're choosing to file your taxes early again. After all, it's better than hysterically running to the post office. Hahaha! By the way, did you get this year's refunds successfully? In any way, thanks for sharing that with us! Kudos and all the best!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning


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