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Monday, August 22, 2016

Out and About

Surprise!  Two posts in less than a week.  Our heat wave finally broke, and I've actually been out of the house, so I have something to blog about.

Last Friday, America's 9/11 Ride passed through our little town.  I had witnessed this one other time, and wanted to see it again, as this is probably the last time they'll be holding the event.  What a moving tribute to those first responders who lost their lives on that horrible day.
The official escorts

I read that there were 1200 bikes participating this year.

Most of the bikers waved and honked at the onlookers.

Bringing up the rear.
These pictures were taken through the chain link fence on an overpass, so if you see shadows in the corners, that's why.

On Saturday, I decided I wanted to go out of town to a favorite restaurant, and maybe get some ice cream, too.  We added in a short shopping trip, and an even shorter ferry ride to round out the day.
Notice the markings on the upper part of the building from past floods.

You can see the cable in the foreground, that pulls the ferry across the river.
Today, Monday, was kayaking day!  We hadn't been on the water in about a month!!!  We had the river to ourselves today.  I saw a couple of ducks, and one Great Blue Heron, but couldn't get a picture of any of them.  But you know I took some pictures of the water and clouds.

a HUGE hitchhiker!

paddling in the clouds.

FNSI:  I've even found some time for stitching.  On Friday night, while stitching with friends around the world, I finished the binding on this baby quilt.  These blocks were in a giveaway pile at a friend's house recently, so all I had to do was add some sashing and borders.  She was even giving away yardage for the backing.  One more pretty little quilt for the donation pile.

Not much happening the rest of the week.  DH and I have another short outing planned, and I have a lot of sewing planned.  Stay tuned.....

Be kind, always............Sunny


  1. Lovely to see your photos Sunny, the 9/11 ride was an impressive sight, and good to hear your temperatures have dropped a little so that you can get out and about a little.

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed reading all your activities this week and seeing your FNSI project. I don't know if the riders haven't passed through Knoxville, or if I just wasn't aware they would, but I haven't seen them, so thanks for the picture. That's pretty amazing. And your pictures out on the water! Lovely. That's another view I've never had. =)

  3. All those motorcycles are incredible! I think I saw something about that on the news. Your photo's are so pretty, glad you were able to get back on the water again. You amaze me with your donation quilts; another pretty one done!

  4. What a gorgeous gift ... and what a blessing it will be for some little one.

  5. That was quite a procession. Why are they not going to continue it?

    Your outdoor photos are amazing. I love the clouds on the water one.

  6. I love motorcycles--had a boyfriend in high school have one that I rode on alot--though now the exhaust from them can be bad for me--but still love seeing them especially in large riding groups--thanks for sharing-- and love the outdoor photos--glad you can finally get out and enjoy it--
    keep stitching-love and laughter, di

  7. I imagine that ride was pretty impressive to see. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gorgeous gift, love seeing all those motorbikes and outdoor photos:)

  9. Wow! I had no idea they payed tribute to 911 in that manner.mmthats so impressive. I'm glad the weather is more tolerable and you had the opportunity to get out. And there is nothing that compares to a day out on the water! Pretty little quilt for someone special to feel the love. How nice of you to finish it up! XO

  10. Beautiful photos Sunny, What a lovely way to pay tribute to 9/11. It must have been loud as they went past.

  11. What a great way to pay tribute....
    Love those outdoor photos and a cute quilt you made from the giveaway blocks...

  12. Hi Sunny sorry i havent been over for a visit,as i have been very sick with the flu.
    I always love looking at your pics that dragonfly one is amazing ,and its a lovely way to pay tribute to 9/11,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  13. It does make a big difference when the weather is pleasant. It is far more enjoyable to be out and about. Love seeing all that you have been doing.

  14. Great picture of the dragonfly. Those dragonflies buzz (dive bomb) me when I'm in the pool. It's rather funny. I think they are just after the water. Lovely pictures - so peaceful!

  15. Love the photos you share! Nice flowers ♥


  16. Dear Sunny ... I so enjoyed your "out and about" time. It feels a bit like fall today. I am sure we still have some hot days ahead, but I will cherish each one of these comfy days. ♥ HAPPY SEPTEMBER ♥

  17. I've heard that was their last ride - I would have loved to see it. Darling little quilt, and awesome pics from your days out!!! Those flood markings on that building are impressive [and scary]!


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