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Friday, September 22, 2017

Sept. OPAM

I know it's a little early, but I probably won't have any more finishes for the month.  I will, however, have more sewing, as I'm heading to Cape Cod on Sunday for a retreat!!  We're having a class, for which I've cut out all the fabric.  I just finished cutting two other small projects as well.  Wouldn't want to run out of things to do!  Rumor has it, there are quilt shops near our retreat site, too.

My primary project for September was to make purple baby quilts.  Three of them.  They're going to a project that sends purple quilts/blankets/afghans home with every newborn, along with info about shaken baby syndrome.  By the time I deliver them to South Dakota in a couple of weeks, I plan to have an afghan finished as well.

I also made an orange placemat, but failed to get a picture of it.

I made major progress on my Jelly Roll quilt, but it won't be finished until next month some time.  I started a checkered Dresden plate.  All the blades are made and ironed, but I ran out of time for sewing them together.  Only seven more to go,

I continue to spend a lot of time on the hunt for wildflowers.  In addition to the time spent hiking and photographing, I spend hours with my field guides, learning to identify them.  Here are a couple from my walks this week.

Spider Wasp?

Praying Mantis

Turkey Tail mushroom?


Crown Vetch

Wild Bergamot


Bottle Gentian.  DH found another patch!

Fall is coming!

Keep on Stitching, and I'll be back in a couple of weeks.......Sunny


  1. Lovely purple baby quilt finishes and for a great cause.Hope you get the afghan done in time.
    Have a wonderful time at retreat my friend.Be careful nothing jumps in your bag in those quilt shops...LOL
    Love going walking/kayaking with you to see lots of beautiful things....

  2. P.S.. Lots of work in your gorgeous Dresdans...

  3. Gorgeous flowers! Cute baby quilts - that's a great project. Are you headed to South Dakota? I do like that dresden plate - anxious to see it done. Have a great time at your retreat - sewing, learning, shopping, eating, visiting - FUN! ~Jeanne

  4. Your photos are amazing! Such clarity! I'd like to donate baby quilts to a similar charity here in town. What size are your baby quilts?

  5. Your photos are always so interesting. I love your plates. The colors are wonderful. I had not heard of the shaken baby project. Good idea.

  6. A couple weeks???? Are you moving to the Cape-??
    how long is this retreat anyways????
    ok--I give up-we will miss your posts--and have lots of fun while there--
    love all your projects and thanks for doing the charity work for the shaken baby project--
    enjoy the moments, di

  7. Hi Sunny lovely baby quilts ,love your dresden plates and as usual gorgeous nature pics,well done my friend xx

  8. Fantastic quilts and plates, Sunny!
    Absolutely love your gorgeous nature photos!
    Have a great time at retreat ..... well, you might as well buy fabric when you're there, otherwise when you return home you'll have to order on line because you can't live without that special fabric you can't forget! Tee, hee!
    Barbara x

  9. The purple quilts are great and for such a great cause. Poor babies. Enjoy your time at the retreat... I'm jealous!

  10. The purple quilts are an interesting idea. hadn't heard of that being done before.
    Lovely work on the dresdens. And enjoy your retreat.

  11. I love that you have the names. I'm getting my education now too! I'm really digging those checkered Dresden plates. Wow - what a cool quilt that will be. And adorable sweet little purple quilts. Such a good cause.

  12. Love your finishes for this month. Looking forward to hearing about your retreat. As always your pictures are beautiful.

  13. What beautiful photos you take!! And I adore the Dresden plates :)

  14. Congratulations Sunny on being the OPAM winner this month....

  15. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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