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Thursday, March 4, 2010

But there was a DISCOUNT!!

Back in September, when I attended my first Guild meeting, I signed up for a workshop to be held in April. At that time, I hadn't yet made a single quilt and I was looking for every opportunity to learn! Now the time is almost here, and I had to purchase the fabric. And I'm smart enough to buy it the one day of the month that I get a big discount!


  1. HI Sunny--welcome to charming club--I am new this year myself--but am loving every minute of being a part of this club--and Kelly is a mover--so watch out!!!
    You have some great goals for March--good luck with them and I love the fabrics you have picked for your workshop--and discounts work for me!!! Hugs, Di

  2. I love a good sale! And a discount! LOL!

  3. Beautiful fabrics...and welcome to the club! I should have put finishing my half pint on my list to do along with yours...but I haven't even made the 9 patches yet! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  4. Welcome, Sunny, to tehe CGQC. I know I've been over to your blog before but wanted to come back and send my well wishes.

  5. The fabrics match your name. Sunny!


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