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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Along the Nanjemoy Creek

It's Saturday, so it must be kayaking. Are you tired of kayaking pictures yet? Today we headed for Southern Maryland to a spot that we had seen a couple of years ago, but just never got back down there. The first time we were there was for a geocache named 'Where Eagles Dare', and we saw one of the several eagle's nests in the area. Today, there were Bald Eagles everywhere. Adults and juveniles.

We saw Osprey

A Great Blue Heron

A dragonfly posed for me.

And we saw butterflies in the parking lot.

In other news, I finished a baby afghan last night that will be a Christmas gift, so one more for the Early Bird Christmas Crafters. I've also finished the stitching for a pincushion, and just have to assemble it. What do you all use for stuffing? I've heard about using crushed walnut shells, but I've checked two pet stores and haven't found any. Am I looking in the wrong place? What else can be used?

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos- thanks for sharing!

  2. what an awesome picture of the 2 eagles!!!

  3. Sunny, great pics! The eagles and osprey are especially appealing!! Glad you had a great adventure.

  4. Great pictures, Sunny! I know Nanjemoy--runs into the Potomac, doesn't it! I've gotta visit there! You were somewhat east of Park where I work---Patuxent River Park.

  5. Enjoyed your photos, Sunny.
    Thanks for sharing with us!


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