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Saturday, September 18, 2010

F N S-I Results

Technically, it is now Saturday in my time zone, and I'm having difficulties keeping my eyes open.  Tomorrow is a busy day, so I'll post my results before I go to bed.  It may not look like much, but I worked for several hours sewing down the binding on the Half-Pint quilt in my UFO pile.  This is also a finish for the CGQC for Sept/Oct.

It's very difficult to take pictures in my house at night, so pardon the bad photograph.

This is the first binding that I've sewed by hand, but I wasn't happy with the results of doing it by machine. That's how I was taught in the first class I took. This method is a little slower, but sure looks a lot better! I plan to finish at least one more this week.


  1. Well done Sunny. like you I do most of my bindings by machine BUT I did hand sew the Bargello "Autumn Waves"
    Hope you had a great sleep.

  2. Hi Sunny, I can never manage a nice binding by machine so I have to do all of them by hand. I love the colours and the look of your quilt. Greetings from Germany Kirsten

  3. Cute quilt! A nine patch is always a winner in my book. And a finished nine patch is even better!

  4. Pretty nine patch ... I like to sew bindings by hand -- a little quiet time with needle and thread in front of the tv is good....

    Love the tea party pix's ... sounds like fun and it's giving me ideas!

  5. I am just loving this one, Sonny. You always make me smile with your special creations.

  6. The half pint quit is so cute (pretty) I really like it. I suppose I should have made one myself. Well worth all the effort you did.


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