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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I was Tagged!

  I was tagged by LittleBook Notes with the Liebster Blog blogger award!

Liebster Blog is an award to highlight your favorite 'wee' blogs out there--the ones that we love that don't have huge numbers of followers.

Now that it's my turn, here are the "wee" blogs that I'd like to highlight:

Everything Neet She quilts and she crochets , and does beautiful work.

Tamera Quilts You should see the quilts she makes!  And she makes a lot of donation quilts, and is involved in numerous swaps and other groups.  Check out her blog!

Quilting is Blissful Humour, cat stories, and more quilting and stitching in a week than I do in a year.  You have to see her stitching!

Little Bits and Pieces   A very friendly blogger, with more beautiful quilts.  She was one of my first 'friends' when I started blogging.

If you wish to accept this tag, feel free to post about it! Don't forget to mention who tagged you, and spotlight 3-5 of your favorite 'wee' blogs (as in, the aim is to highlight blogs with fewer than 300 followers, so spread the love!), and let people know you tagged them.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!


  1. Oh Sunny--thank you for the Honor of tagging me--but I really don't do tags--sorry!! But I just love checking out the other ones and have enjoyed the Everythingneed post--her Jesse--cat is just the same color as Gracie!!! and she has some pretty work there to share as well--so I really really do thank you--
    have a great day==hope you are staying warm--

  2. Congrats on your award Sunny - and congrats to the bloggers you chose, too! Very fun!

  3. Eeeks! How exciting! So nice of you to choose me! I already know all about Quilting is Blissful but I hadn't heard of Tamera Quilts so I'll go check her site out. Thanks Sunny. So glad we started blogging about the same time and are friends.

  4. Oh I missed saying I hadn't heard of Everything Neet either. I'll be checking out her site too.


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