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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quilt Workshop cancelled.....

The phone rang while I was still in bed this morning, telling me that our quilt workshop for today was being rescheduled.    We don't really have a lot of snow, but they were worried about everyone carrying their sewing machines.  So, since I had nothing else planned for today, I will be spending my time here
and here
I have several small stitcheries started, and I'll work on them for awhile first, while I watch cooking shows on TV with Mr. QD, then I'll head downstairs to the sewing machine later.  Must go now, and he is cooking breakfast!

Counting my blessings...........Sunny


  1. Oh Thank you SPJ now I can go to bed feeling cool.
    Have a great day sewing.


  2. We are having a bit of a blizzard here today, so I will spend my day almost the same way you are...Enjoy!

  3. These pictures of snow remind my why I left the midwest 15 years ago!.

    I tagged you on my blog for a "blog award." Please, go check it out:


  4. Bad weather was forcast for today and we almost cancelled our Bible class but we are only having a bit of rain. Enjoy your day!

  5. what a wonderful day it sounds like! Hubby fixing breakfast, and a surprise "free time" to do whatever you desire! Enjoy! I'm missing that white stuff! I was out raking oak leaves in my yard, here in FL today!

  6. We got some snow today tooooo!!! and it even happened "during" the day so I could watch it come down!!!! We have about 4 inches maybe or so by now-evening!!! I even went for a walk in it!!!! so did you get lots done today????

  7. sunny,
    love your snowy men!! i have my own small collection:) btw, i just received your baby quilt in the mail on friday!!! it was worth the wait -- just georgous and already quilted which is a nice surprise since i broke my arm on new year's eve:(!! we will give it to one of our local orphanages here in thessaloniki:) i am so sorry for the slow mail:( my daughter made two quilt tops for our project and mailed them first of december. she was here for christmas and they still hadn't arrived.

  8. Well,lovely small trees with snow!! We are having exactly the same weather here at my part of the world. Good to stay at home when you can,to do some quilting:-)

  9. I like that first picture where you will spend your time first before going to the sewing machine and the t.v. cooking show agrees with me too,I saw a photo of your quilt on
    Kristinas blog www.toquiltorknot.weebly.com It is absolutly precious it is very nice of you I thank you very much for your generosity.xoxo theodora

  10. Aw, stay warm - and have a great day stitching!!!


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