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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Quilts?!? Somebody stop me!

I currently have two quilts that are waiting to have the bindings sewn down.  That's it.  I don't really have a 'stash'.  I've bought fabric and patterns for probably about a dozen projects, but unfortunately, I don't have time to make quilts.  Why, you ask?  Because I spend too much time blogging and reading blogs and working on all the little projects that I find myself signing up for.  I'm having a blast, getting more inspiration, trying and learning new things, and most importantly, making new friends. 

I'm currently participating in the Block Swap Adventure.  This is fun because we're paired with our partner, and know who they are, so we can chat throughout the month.
the first block I received
One Flower Wednesday and the Inchy Swap:

Two are for me, one is for  swap.  I won't tell which is which!

I'm stitching the Give Thanks BOM by Jenny of Elefantz.  She has posted two of the verses that will be stitched and hang in the spot where the tan dots are.  They're wonderful, and I'll be stitching them later this week.

I'm in a Tilda Valentine's Heart Swap ~ no pictures yet for this one.

I've joined the One Ornament a Month project:
I've seen several other BOM's that I'd like to make, but I had to put on the brakes!  My goal was to do all these projects each month, as well as work on one of the projects that are neatly sorted and stored in boxes in the sewing room.  So far, I haven't made it to the boxes.  So if you see me expressing interest in a new  swap or project, please stop me!   oops, just remembered - I recently signed up for a Seasonal Swap.
I'd really like to be making some quilts with patterns such as fans, Dresden plates, Grandmother's flower garden.  I love all the quilts that I see on everyone's blogs.  I wish work and sleep didn't take so much of my time!

Counting my blessings......and my projects......Sunny


  1. Oh my goodness! You have taken on a lot but these projects are a great way to squeeze creative time in when you work full time.

  2. LOL! You sound like me. I actually stopped myself from joining another swap just the other day. Your hexies are beautiful and I like the ornament you are working on.

  3. Just look at it this way... you have ALL year to make a quilt... so enjoy the swaps while they are going. At least that's my motto! And guess what?... we are partners in BSA this month. :)

  4. Oh Sunny I know what you mean about signing up for swaps. I need to stop. I think I am addicted to them. LOL
    Recieved my partner for the Seasonal Swap and you know what? I had forgotten I signed up for it. How scary is that. Eeerkkkkk.

  5. Oh but the swaps are so much fun and it's such a nice way to connect wth others! ANd it's a fun way to be creative. Well, good for you for at least putting the brakes on.

  6. Goodness me, you are a busy girl - so glad to see you enjoying life, making new friends, and stitching up all these pretty things!!!

  7. Hi Sunny--so far this year I have pretty much kept the "brakes" on!!! But did join a bom at the local quilt shop here--mostly embroidery!!!
    but then I have just copied off the second bom from Jennys bom and I really think I should do that one--it has meaning for me--and then there is......
    but my main goal is do finish up a lot of the bom's from the Internet for the last two years and to just have some time to "play" with my own projects and maybe some designs!!!
    but what ever we do--we are having fun--right????????
    Hugs,di and miss gracie

  8. Cute post Sunny, you make me laugh! I am trying very hard not to join up or start any of the free BOM's this year. I wonder how long that will last! ;)

  9. Sunny, I can relate. I am in such, awe of sew many in blogland and I sew, want to be a part of it. BUT, I also found out that I "gaze, lerk, admire" too much and it prevents me from being productive in my own sewing room and then I become overwhelmed with guilt that I can't start something new until I finish something else, it's a catch 22. I am constantly amazed at what people can do and the amount of projects they can turn out. Carry on, long as your having fun and enjoying it, Good luck!!! If you find the secret, how "to do more and see it all" let me know!!!

  10. Oh my.. I was out of breath reading all your goals.. but if anyone can do it is you! You are an ispiration. They are all lovely .. Enjoy!


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