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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stay at Home Robiners

Well, ladies, how is everyone doing with their center block?  I only see one posted on the flickr site so far.  I had to go back to the drawing board for mine, but my goal is to have it posted by tomorrow night. 

If you haven't joined the site yet, or introduced yourself, come on over!!

I just went looking for a little more inspiration and here are a few images that speak to me.

What design is speaking to you??  It's not too late to join the fun.  If you'd like more information, click on the tab just under my header photo. 

See you aRound!    Sunny


  1. Sunny I love the top three. The middle one being my favorite.

  2. Oh,what a beautiful post! So delicate colors, and your middle block will look perfect,I`m sure. Sweet cushion too:-)

  3. Those are gorgeous quilting projects. I am a big fan of the first three. Love those colors!

  4. Oh the photo on the bottom is my favorite , isn't that gorgeous. I am a little behind getting my block done but I will catch up since my company is officially gone now , whew ! It has been a real busy summer . Love your block!

  5. Hi Sunny, my block is in the pipeline - my daughter and I are planning it together so we will end up with a quilt for her.. special huh?

  6. My is done and I'll be posting it in the morning. Can't wait to see what everyone is doing.


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