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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A great Day!

Okay, so it started out with a sad event.
Please note the shoes, socks, and long pants!  Aack!  summer really is over.
I waw this really fun tutorial for fabric pinecones   this morning.  I was planning to run some errands, so I decided to stop for some styrofoam balls.  Ideally, I thought having a couple of different sizes would be a great idea.  But then I found this bag of mixed-size egg shapes!  Even better than round pinecones.

Then on to the hunt for Nutter Butter minis.  SCORE!!!!
Be watching this space for acorn cookies soon.

I also made a trip to my LQS because today is Club day, when I can get a nice discount.  I found some nice green plaid fabric in the sale section, which I plan to use to make a couple of "Stockings for Kids".  Please click on the link and help if you can! 

I guess I better go get busy!  I have acorns and pinecones and stockings to make!  I'll be back later with the SAHR assignment.  Is anyone still playing along?

Counting my blessings....Sunny


  1. The pinecones are cute; and at first, I thought the mini nutter butters were to eat while sewing. LOL Can't wait to see your acorn cookies!

  2. Oh so you are going to make those acorn cookies. I think I should make some too. I have two special events I'm going to. The people there deserve a super nice treat. Oh and today was the first day I wore pants too - and closed shoes instead of sandals.

    As for the SAHR, I'm so discouraged I'm ready to fold it up and make it a UFO for a couple years. That will teach that fabric a lesson for not cooperating! LOL!!

  3. Now, I can't wait to see them when they're done! So glad you had a good day:)

    Any trip to the LQS makes the day brighter!

  4. The cookies sound like fun , can't wait to see those .,As for the SAHRR , yes I am still playing along , a bit behind but still in there .

  5. Sounds like your day turned out great, Sunny, even in long pants and socks/shoes. I saw those acorn cookies on Pinterest the other day, too. That looks like a fun yummy project. And now I'm dying to see your pinecones. :o)

  6. I've got to make those pine cones too. Thanks for the link. And yes, I'm still working on the SAHR.

  7. nice pinecones...are they similar to the christmas ball ornaments made with the folded points?

    Well, maybe you are not liking the long pants, socks, and shoes...but, I really like your shoes! Those are my favorite kind to wear...even better with cozy knitted socks!



  8. OK--NOW REMEMBER you said the Nutter bites for a project---not for eating at this time!!!!!
    Boy did I need to get into the sewing room--but this week is just flyin by and everything is goin on and no body will let me have time to much of anything!!!!!lol
    sorry about the job interview--it just wasn't meant to be--maybe the next one will be the right one.
    Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


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