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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I sewed!

I'm home, the laundry is done, there are groceries in the refrigerator, and I sewed!!!  Tomorrow night I'll show sneak peaks of my November Inchy Swap and BSA.  And hopefully my Santa Sack gift for November 1.  I'm a couple of days late, but I had things well under control before I was called away, so it won't take long to finish. 

I received my October BSA block from Lynette while I was away.  If you're not a regular reader, I've asked for basket blocks each month.
Isn't this awesome?  How on earth do you all come up with totally new ideas month after month?  I love it!

I also received my Inchies from Patti H.  Perfect colors - and a very cute handmade card.

I had to cancel my job interview last week, so I'm back to square one again in the job hunt.  I was hoping I could reschedule, but that didn't work out.

I'll try to post the November SAHR assignment tomorrow night.  But first, I have to go in search of mini Nutter Butters!  Anyone know where to find them?  I need to have my cookies baked and delivered by Friday. 

And a HUGE thank you to all of you for all your hugs and prayers over the past 10 days.  I wasn't able to answer each of your comments individually, but I really did appreciate them all.

Counting my blessings....Sunny


  1. Love the basket block and the hexies. Oh I am so sorry about the job interview, but I believe things happen for a reason - so that job probably wasn't the one for you.... There is a better one just around the corner. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the job interview Sunny.
    Lovely block and Inchy Hexies

  3. Ditto to Sunnybec's comment...exactly what I was gonna say! Glad you're back and sewing and will be thinking of you in your continued job search.

  4. So sorry about the job interview. My husband has been looking for work for about a year, so frustrating and hard to always keep the spirits up. Sending many quilty hugs!
    Love those hexies.

  5. Glad you got a chance to sew! That job wasn't meant to be. The right one will come along!

  6. I'm so sorry about the interview, but perhaps it was meant to be that way.

    I have to ask though, what on earth are nutter butters?

  7. Funny how things change in just a week, a day, an instance . . .

    If you couldn't make the interview work, maybe that wasn't the place for you to be anyway.

    Just received confirmation that I will be vending at the Annapolis show again in June. Maybe we can work something out . . . .

  8. Glad you are home.
    So sorry to hear about the job interview, but I am sure something else is on the horizon.

    That basket block is really awesome. How neat.

    Hope you find the time to catch up on some rest:)

  9. Loved the basket block so unique and the hexies are so cute too. As for the job interview I am sorry that you missed it but as others have said things happen for a reason and there will be another job soon I am sure .Nice to see you back .

  10. I'm so happy to see you enjoying a bit of stitching, and a sweet gift. I'm sorry about the job interview, hope something else comes along very soon.

  11. Glad you're back Sunny. I really like that basket block. As far as that job interview...a better one will come along so chin up. I still haven't sewn the last row on my SAHR but finally figured out a good design. On to the sewing machine!

  12. Glad you are back home and even were able to find time to sew. You have received some wonderful blocks.

  13. I love those hexagons and the basket block is just adorable. Sorry the interview couldn't be rescheduled, but that must mean that there is something even better waiting for you ahead!

  14. That job simply wasn't meant to be!

    The basket block and hexies are all adorable.

    Glad you're sewing.

  15. That pinwheel basket block is so amazing!! And I love the little hexies. That wasn't the job for you, if you had gotten it, you may have missed out on the better opportunity that is coming in the future! Still in my thoughts and prayers, glad you're back home safely.

  16. Great to see you back and getting into a routine. The pinwheel basket block looks like a real original - isn't it lovely... and your new hexies are nice too. The perfect job will be just around a corner somewhere - and in the meantime you can sew :-) Best wishes.

  17. I don't know how I missed this post before, but I am just seeing it. I am so sorry about your job interview falling through. I hope something better comes along very soon for you! Your basket block is so pretty and creative; you will have a fun quilt when you get all the blocks in. Those little hexies are so pretty too.


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