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Monday, April 22, 2013

Two for Two

What a productive weekend.  On Saturday, after enjoying a Spring day, I was inspired to come home and make a small quilt, trying to capture the spring colors I’d been surrounded by all day.  I already showed this, but I’ll post it again.


Then on Sunday, I spent the day quilting with a friend, and this was the result.IMG_5085





At this rate, I’ll have all my projects finished before I’m 80!!

I also received two sets of hexies in the mail this weekend.  As most of you know, I’m collecting and making pink hexies, and I tend toward softer colors.  The brighter hexies that I receive from others, will add a lot of depth and interest to my collection.

From Marie in Denmark:


And from Melody in Australia:







Not much stitching happening today, but I have big plans for tomorrow night!

Be kind to a stranger……Sunny



  1. You were very productive over the weekend. Love both the minis you made.
    Nice header flower too.

  2. Great to see your projects. And lovely hexies.

  3. You have been super productive , love both quilts and the hexies are a nice addition to your collection :-)

  4. Love your little quilts you've made! The first one really reminds me of springtime!

  5. Very productive weekend Sunny! I love the soft pinks & greens... and you know I love a good hexy;)

  6. Beautiful Spring colors on your blog, love all the pink. Thanks for showing so many nice hexagon!
    Happy Spring time for you:-)

  7. Love both of your little quilts!!
    and you hexie pressies are lovely--
    and those white flowers on the last photo are just beautiful --and I love the pink branch of flowers on the header--way to go girl!!!
    I am still slowly just cleaning and sorting and reorganizing--can't wait to get it all done--but everytime I turn around--there is more???????
    hugs, Di and miss gracie

  8. love your new spring header... so pretty.. and lovely sewing happening..

  9. Just beautiful! Too hard to pick a favorite!

  10. LOVE the new banner photo and side decor. I think the dark pink hexies are wonderful and will great in your quilt. How are you doing on the Sarah's garden? Is that the name? The one with all the white?

  11. I love your version of the Red, White and Blue, Sunny!

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