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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Supporting my National Parks!

Another beautiful Fall weekend comes to a close.  After a brief debate over where to go, we decided to brave the crowds and visit a nearby National Park! 







Shenandoah National Park is home to Skyline Drive, and is an absolutely beautiful scenic drive.  October is traditionally their busiest month of the year, and thanks to our sad lack of government, the parks had been closed the past two weekends.  We knew it would be mobbed, but decided to go anyway.


Sorry to bore you with so many pictures, but it was just so beautiful!


We even saw some wildlife.



It’s a Bear!








Most of today (Sunday) was spent sewing, but I don’t have anything to show.  I prepped a project for applique, and another for some red work embroidery.  I can’t even show my Christmas QAL finished quilt, because I’m supposed to save it for the big reveal in December.

And now that it’s fall, and the temperatures are getting cooler, it’s soup weather, so I made a big pot of soup for dinner tomorrow night.  Since DH retired last year, he has been the head chef, and I decided to be a good little wife and give him a night off.

Be kind to DH…..Sunny



  1. Loved the pictures....!!!!!
    I don't think I would get that close to a bear to take its photo........
    We are in the tropics but DH and I just put a beef stew in the slow cooker.....sometimes you just have to have comfort food.

  2. Not boring pics at all. Thank goodness we have the national parks. So beautiful. I love soup weather, too.

  3. Oh so beautiful Sunny. Looks likeit was worthwhile fighting the crowds to get there. Imagine seeing the bear too! Sweet of you to make the soup :-) we're starting to move into salads!

  4. Beautiful photos isn't it wonderful that we have national parks!!!!!'

  5. Stunning views. There may have been a lot of traffic but it definitely looks like it was worth it.

  6. Love your pictures, you certainly live in a beautiful part of the country. I have always wanted to visit that park! Thanks for sharing your trip with us....

  7. It looks like a spectacular place to visit. I loved seeing the colors.

  8. Oh woooo--those are happy dance photos--and I can't believe that line of cars!!!
    I think the next to the last photo--
    looks like a painting--it is just so pretty to see all your colors!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  9. Gorgeous Sunny! I just love those fall colors... xxx

  10. Wonderful pictures Sunny , thanks for sharing !

  11. such a beautiful place Sunny,oh and that snake looks scary is he poisonous? oh you are a good wife,well done.xx

  12. Perfect header, Sunny! and I love seeing all the other pictures: such a beautiful place around
    you :-)

  13. You do live in a gorgeous part of the world. Love the scenery. Bears and deer are cool but.... that snake!! Call me a wuss but no way would I have hung around long enough to take a photo. You are so brave.... was it a poisonous one?

  14. Gorgeous, Sunny! Well worth braving the masses! I would have been more afraid of the snake than the bear! Can't wait to see your projects!


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