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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

This lovely postcard arrived in my mailbox on Friday, and it was accompanied by a matching mug rug.  What a bonus!  This was made by Pauline, and was from a postcard exchange arranged by Sheila


Thanks Pauline, I really love them! 

I’ve been busy this week, but I don’t have much to show or it.  I’m working on a secret project during my lunch hour, and I spent some time working on a baby blanket.  A co-worker and her friend bought kits of fleece to make no-sew baby blankets that are just fringed and tied.  But they decided they wanted something different, so I was called in.  I said “Sure, I can make something for you”.  How stupid was I?  I’ve never worked with that type of fabric, and it was a nightmare.  This stuff stretches and moves and stretches some more.  Per their request, I appliqued the baby’s name on the first blanket, and then was told that I was given the wrong spelling.  One of the pieces had been pinned to two layers of batting when I received it.  I finally got one sewed together, and tied with yarn, and I declined to attempt the second one.  I’m not usually a quitter, but this little experiment was impossible. 


Tonight, I cut out one quilt, and started cutting another.  I’m going to a retreat next week, and I want to get a lot of sewing done.  I’ve never cut in advance before, so this will be something new. 


Fall really is here, and we put our kayaks in storage yesterday.  A sad day indeed.  One of the nice things about fall, is that I get to see some beautiful sunrises on my way to work each morning.


Now if I could just find a decent place to take a picture!  The light changes so quickly.

Instead of taking a daytrip yesterday, we stayed close to home and ran some errands.  I finally got to visit our brand new library, we put the kayaks in storage, and we stocked up on apples, squash, and pumpkins.


Then we took a very short hike to a nearby waterfall, experiencing more of my favorite things of fall – walking through crunchy leaves.  And fall has a special smell, with the leaves, wood smoke from nearby cabins, the apples. . .   It won’t be long until the smells of holiday treats will be in the air, too!  Less than two months until Christmas…..

Be kind to Everyone!  Santa is making his list..Sunny



  1. How frustrating to be given the wrong spelling of the name. Sure makes it difficult.
    It sounds like Fall is turning on a lovely show for you. Enjoy it before it gets too cold!

  2. Sounds like you had a nightmare with that quilt. I'm not sure I could have stuck with it and finished one even.

  3. What a nice post. The postcard and mugrug are super. I have to get going on my next one. Love all the pics of autumn things.

  4. what a lovely parcel to receive Sunny and love the sky pic,lovely post.xx

  5. So sorry you had such difficulty with that project but good for you for saying no to the second one. Through experience I have learned that non sewers sometimes ask for the impossible!

  6. That fabric is dreadful unless it is stabilized. That project sounds like a nightmare for you!

    Your fall pictures are lovely as is your postcard.

  7. Love your fall pictures, looking forward to seeing your new quilt!

  8. Grrrr not fun working with that stretchy fabric...

    Nice Post card and Mug Rug.

    Just love all your Fall Photos..

  9. I understand how you feel about putting up your kayaks. That's how I feel when the water becomes too cold and I can no longer swim. I'm still wearing my sandals and Capri pants, but not for long. Beautiful work on the mugrugs and postcard. Just darling.

  10. Well--I won't be on Santa's list this year--as I really have been a very bad girl!!
    Wonder what Santa will get you???
    loved all the pictures-
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  11. Lovely mug rug and postcard .love all your fall photos. Gongrats for saying no !!!!!

  12. Great postcard and mugrug ! That project sounded like a real nightmare and not one I would want to tackle . Love your fall photos . Thanks for sharing :-)

  13. Lovely postcard and mugrug. Lucky you. What a gorgeous photo in your header.

  14. That's a beautiful postcard Sunny - and gorgeous pics in this post too - lots of lovelies to see - good on you for NOT continuing with the quilt issue, sometimes that call has to be made x

  15. The postcard is just wonderful. Glad that you had a great fall day.

  16. Lovely card and mug-rug for you:-) And your colour full pictures are great,Sunny. The fall gives us the most beautiful colours, Enjoy your sewing!

  17. Fall there, spring here! I quite like 'Fall' too. The temperatures are usually just perfect.

  18. Beautiful pictures. Love the mug rug and poster you received.

  19. Oh dear, your good deed certainly sounds like a nightmare. With all the strange/unique spellings these days, it can be frustrating to remember how to spell all the endless -y substitutions in regular names. Sheesh!

    I love fall too...the foods, the smells, the leaves blowing in the wind. Looking forward to the holidays, too. Where was your retreat? Sounds like fun!


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