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Sunday, June 3, 2018

May highlights and OPAM

I am not too happy with the changes to blogger, and hope there is a fix in the works. 

May was a busy month.There were two quilt finishes.  First was a nine patch that I made from a friend's scraps.  I actually got two from her scrap bag, and showed the other one last month.  I really love this one, and may decide to keep it.
I was so worried that the backing might fade, so I washed them with color catchers, and everything was fine! 

This next quilt used up the last of a pile off pink hexies that I've had for several years.  I made one larger quilt about 2 years ago, then a doll quilt in March, and now a baby quilt.  I think I had to add two hexies to the pile to finish this.
I'm not sure why my pictures are all coming out to dark lately.  Maybe because it's so cloudy and gloomy all the time?

I also put the finishing touches on two baby afghans that will be donated to our local hospital.  Crocheting is my craft of choice for car trips.

I signed up for a project in May to make one heart block each day, and I accomplished that, plus a couple of extras to have an even 36.  I'll be looking for some sashing fabric on discount day at the LQS this week, and have another donation quilt for the pile.  These were all made from a charm pack that has been collecting dust for awhile.

I've been keeping up with this small mystery BOM on Kathleen Tracy's FB group.  The June border was added yesterday, and I believe there's one more border to come.

My June blocks for RSC18 are also finished! 
There are a couple of larger pieces of aqua fabric somewhere in my stash, and I'm hoping to find time to make at least one baby quilt from them before the month is over.

DH had a birthday at the end of May, and he wanted to go to North Carolina to eat at a restaurant that is featured on a TV program that he watches.  He loved every minute of the visit.  I didn't love the restaurant, but the rest of the trip was fun.  A few highlights follow.
These fields were like being in a water color painting!  So incredible.

Cape Lookout National Seashore

Southern Magnolia

The birthplace of Pepsi Cola

We rode ferries, toured a fort, spent time on the beach, and ate lots of good seafood.  It was a beautiful area of North Carolina, and we will return some day!

Keep on stitching....................Sunny


  1. I love that 9 patch quilt!! Your baby hexie looks wonderful too. I like how you used the charm pack with your hearts.

    Happy birthday to DH.

  2. You have kept busy not only with your travels but sewing as well.
    The nine patch quilt is lovely as is the baby Hexie one.
    Good idea to use the charm squares for the Hearts.
    Great you have been keeping up with your Mystery BOM, and your RSC18. they look nice.

    Sunny just comment in your box and tick the notify me box below and you'll get your comments emailed to you.

  3. Thanks everyone for all your comments!

  4. I agree with you /sunny about the blogger changes... after my long absence, it's a shock to me!
    Beautiful sewing as always... love your use of the scraps to make that lovely 9-patch quilt.

  5. Beautiful projects! Love the 9-patch quilt and so glad the backing didn’t fade. The baby afghans look cuddly. NC trip sounds like it was fun. ~Jeanne

  6. What a busy bee you have been! Love all your projects but especially like the Kathleen Tracey quilt! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  7. Blogger is a bugger right now. I hate not being notified of comments bye mail! You have been so busy! I would keep the quilt too, glad the backing didn't give you any troubles. You are really getting through your scraps, aren't you? I recognize New Bern!! what restaurant did you and hubby go to for his birthday? I'm wondering if I have been there? I love seeing what you've been up to!!!

  8. You have been busy--sewing and travel and taking photos--love the first quilt and it would be a nice one to keep--the 2 baby blankets are pretty--and a nice hexie quilt too--and your Kath Tracy quilt top is looking good (don't tell anyone I am way behind on that one!!) and of course I love all the nature photos--
    enjoy, di

  9. Lots and lots of sewing has taken place.... I do love a scrappy nine patch - always so effective. Lovely trip out too...

  10. You’re doing an amazing job sewing up scraps and leftovers! Keep up the good work! Happy belated birthday to your DH. Glad you were able to have a fun day out.

  11. Good job for the month of May. I like crocheting in the car also - but lately I'm the one doing the driving - so that makes it a little tricky. hehehe

  12. Lovely quilt finishes and extra special that fabric came from a friend. Well done.
    The baby afghans are gorgeous. I can see why you enjoy making them when you travel. very worthwhile.
    Looks like the trip to NC was great too.
    Great work with the hearts. Love the look.

  13. I'm amazed at how much stitching you got done with your trip - your projects are so gorgeous, I love them all! I too crochet when I need a break from sewing, mainly dishcloths for my best friend, she loves them.

  14. Those are nice finishes. Well done.

  15. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.


  16. Hi Sunny you do such beautiful work my friend love your finishes ,and love your pics as well ,thankyou for sharing xx

  17. Hi I looked for a newer post-but if you have done one--it is not showing up yet--??? I see your hearts here on this one--have been thinking about mine for the last two days--think I know how I am going to finish mine off--
    love, di

  18. Love all your quilts - you've been so productive! I love the colors in the mystery quilt.. xx

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