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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Strip Winner and some Sewing

We do things the old-fashioned way here at Chez Quilting Dreams. 

And the winner is:

Chris, please send me your mailing info, and I'll get this lovely bundle in the mail in the next day or two.
Heehee, since fabric is going out the door, I can welcome new fabric in, right?  I won this awesome little bundle of FQ's from Gretchen at Stella Bella Quilts, in honor of Remy's birthday.

And I SEWED!!!!  I made two blocks for BSA this month.  Only one is required, but because I was making the hst's, there were enough for two blocks.

I was able to incorporate quite a few scraps into this!
Yesterday, while cleaning and organizing the sewing room, I ran across these blocks.  They look so much better now that they are sewn together, instead of crumpled in the bag.
The flowers were pieced at a retreat back in March, and the leaves were my first real attempt at needle-turn applique.  I need to add two borders, and then it moves to the To-Be-Quilted pile.  I tried to do some quilting a couple of months ago, but my arthritis prevented me from making much progress.  I think I'm ready to get back to the pile now. 
We had the most beautiful sunset last night, after the big storms passed through.  Today was cool and beautiful. 
On a sad note, summer really is coming to an end.  This is what I found at my favorite Produce market today, instead of peaches and watermelons.  Oh No!!
Off to bed now, where I'm sure I'll dream of sewing.....Sunny


  1. *squeals of delight!* I won your scraps!
    That sounds a bit sad doesn't it!
    But I'm thrilled.
    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway, I am going to be doing something neat with your scraps I'm sure!
    What fun.

  2. love those blocks you made and the flower quilt.... you are saying goodbye to summer and we are enjoying our spring....

  3. Congrates to Chris.H.

    You have made some lovely scrap blocks and love the applique top...

  4. Nothing wrong with the old fashioned way xxx

  5. congrats to Chris and also to you Sunny,our spring is just beginning,we so need the sun,lol.xx

  6. Oh fall I miss it so much living in the south. We still have way too much heat and humidity. Good job on the applique!

  7. Congratulations to Chris and your blocks are great . Your storm is now on my doorstep , the rain is just teaming down and will do do until we get 100 mm , yikes I better go build an ark .

  8. Lovely to see your flower blocks sewn together. They look great!.
    Enjoy the last of the warm days. It seems to change so quickly.

  9. Wait, what happened here. I missed several of your posts. I guess I've been busy and now on the computer. I saw pumpkins in the market too. I don't understand this at all, time is just flying by. Lovely flower quilt. Did you try hand quilting or machine quilting? Either one is hard to do when your hands are hurting.


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