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Sunday, September 2, 2012

We made it Back!

And as you can see from the lovely hexagon sign, they were open on Sunday!  It was my sil's idea to go, so who was I to argue?  I think the store is relatively new, and they don't have a huge inventory, but the owner was so warm and welcoming that I wouldn't hesitate to go back.  There was a group of women near the back of the store sitting around knitting, and working on hand projects who invited sil to join them any Sunday, and I have a feeling she just might do it.  Did I purchase anything?  What do you think?  Not much, but some very pretty Christmas fabric may have jumped into my arms.  And that was before I was told that they were discounted 20% because they were last year's fabrics, and before I got an additional 10% for being in a Guild.

We had lunch at a BBQ place and we all ate too much, of course.  In North Carolina, there are two types of BBQ sauces.  I prefer the western recipe.

We strolled through a few more shops, and had iced coffees at an outdoor cafe so we could do some people-watching.  When we were only a couple of miles from home, I asked if we could pull into a parking lot so I could take a picture of one of the many quilt blocks found throughout the town.
From there, Mr. and Mrs. Host decided we needed to take a little tour around town.  Apparently all the blocks are make by a local sign maker, and many of them relate very well to the business on which they're displayed.
Attorney's office - the scales of justice

guitars - music store

look carefully - Library books!

a church, of course


Elementary School

KC Byrd Electric

Coffee shop
And we only saw a small fraction of them.  Go HERE if you would like to see more.  I'm sure we'll visit many more the next time we're in town.

My entire family has vacationed at Cape Hatteras, on North Carolina's Outer Banks many times, and it's one of my favorite places on earth.  DH and I have visited his bro and sil in the mountains of western North Carolina several times over the past few years, and it's one of my favorite places on earth.  I've decided that we'll be planning a week long vacation to visit other parts of this beautiful state in the near future.  If I ever decide to move away from Maryland, I have a sneaking suspicion I could end up in North Carolina.

image from Ashevilleguidebook.com


  1. Yes, a bonus trip to a quilt store!!
    I like that.
    I really like the idea of seeing all the quilt blocks everywhere in the county. They look wonderful.

  2. love those blocks,fantastic pics Sunny,thankyou for sharing.xx

  3. I can see why you love visiting there sunny.
    So many lovely places to see.

    Oh you didn't show us your fabrics...Are they for secret swaps....

  4. This equity placards on all the stores are so cool! I noticed the here, too!

  5. Come on to NC; you can be my neighbor. I love the quilt blocks all over town and how they relate to the business they are displayed! Gorgeous!

  6. Glad you got to visit the cute quilt shop and I love all of those quilt signs , wow , beautiful !!

  7. What a fun trip...love all the blocks and how they are tied in to the locations. I want to go!!!!


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