"Make what you want to make, and make it the way you want to make it." Gwen Marston

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring has arrived!

 At least on the calendar.  Things are slowly waking up here, but very few wildflowers can be found.  The yard is full of crocus, though!

I'm heading down to the Towpath tomorrow, where I hope to find a few blooms.

I've had so little energy the past few days, I can barely force myself to even stitch.  But I did play along with FNSI on Friday night, when I finished my green hexies for March RSC21.

Last week I finished quilting Ruby Jubilee by Kim Diehl.  It laid around entirely too long waiting for inspiration for one last section.  And it took no time at all once I decided what to quilt.

And then there's Winter Village.  Since this photo was taken, I've done all the applique, and it's in the to-be-quilted pile.  I'll be doing an all over design on this one, so it won't take too long.  

Since we last spoke, I've had a birthday and received a lovely gift card to JoAnn's.  I had to pop in last week for some buttons, so I perused the book section.  This was a very frivolous choice, but it's a birthday gift, right?  I haven't sewed in a zipper since I was in school, and as you can imagine, that was more than a few years ago.  But there's a small bag in this book that I MUST have.  I've already recruited a sewist friend if I need help.

So that's what I've been up to.  What about you?  I was shocked to realize I hadn't posted in over a month.  I thought it was only a couple of weeks.  Time flies . . . . 

Keep on stitching!