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Mostly Wildflowers

July 31, 2017 - Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, West Virginia

We tried to get up here earlier, but this place has its own climate, and can get very foggy very unexpectedly.  And it's very remote!  This was a good day, indeed.

Common Burdock


Evening Primrose


Common Burdock

Butterfly Bush

Woodland Sunflower

Turk's Cap Lily

Bee Balm

Pale Touch-me-not

Fringed Loosestrife


Tall Bellflower


St. Johnswort

Wild Basil with Great Spangled Fritillary


St. Johnswort


Woodland Sunflower


Blanket Flower

July 16, 2017 - Michaux State Forrest

Our wildflower friends are seeing more plants in Michaux, so it was time for another drive.  We probably saw as many fungi as we did flowers!

Everlasting Pea

Spotted Touch-me-not / Jewelweed

White Avens

Common Evening Primrose

Yellow Sweet Clover

Queen Anne's Lace


Self Heal / Heal All

Purple Coneflower
Swamp Thistle ?

June 27, 2017 - Long Pine Reservoir, Lily Pond, Michaux State Forrest

After Kayaking at Long Pine for a couple of hours, we went for a drive through Michaux State Forrest.


Tiger Lily

Queen of the Prairie

Deptford Pink

Blue-eyed Grass

Heal All

Spotted Wintergreen

Common Cattail

Queen Ann's Lace

Fragrant Water Lily


 Broadleaf Milkweed

Silver-spotted skipper on Viper's Bugloss

Broadleaf Milkweed

Silver-spotted skipper on Viper's Bugloss

 Broadleaf Milkweed


Mountain Laurel


May 24, 2017 - Blackwater Falls State Park

We didn't get to Canaan or Dolly Sods because of the fog and rain, and it wasn't bad at the State park!

Oxeye Daisy


Pink Lady Slipper

Pink Lady Slipper



Flame Azalea

Flame Azalia buds


Gill over the Ground

Mountain Laurel buds


Field Pussytoes

Robins's Plantain

Wild Strawberry
I also like finding and photographing mushrooms, but I haven't tasked myself to identify them all yet!

May 14-16, 2017 Ocean City and Assateague

Maybe not warm enough for much beach time, but it was sunny, breezy and cool so perfect for little hikes and picture taking.

May 10, 2017  - Rocky Gap state Park

I've seen people posting wildflowers on Facebook taken at Rocky Gap, so we decided to head up there before all the Spring flowers were gone.  While we didn't find a large assortment, we did find some that we hadn't yet seen this year.

Mountain Azalea

Mountain Azalea

May Apple

Wild Blackberry

Flowering Dogwood

Amazingly soft carpet of moss

Interesting bud

Yellow Hawkweed

Daisy Fleabane

Eastern Redbud Tree

Yellow Swallowtail

Underside of Yellow Swallowtail

Horaces Duskywing Butterfly?

Black Swallowtail

Eastern Towhee (without zoom lens)

Red-winged Blackbird

April 29, 2017 - Cunningham Falls and Catoctin Mountain Park

Hubby suggested that we go up to the mountains, instead of the tow path, which is where I often go when I'm alone.  We found quite a variety of flowers.

Garlic Mustard

Jack-in-the Pulpit

Jack-in-the -Pulpit

Another Jack-in-the-Pulpit.  They were everywhere!
Dwarf Ginseng


Rue Anemone

Virginia Spring Beauty

Trout Lily (taken from a distance, then zoomed in)

Yellow Woodland Violet

Grape Hyacinth

Wild Geranium

Bishop's Cap

Common Blue Violet


Flowering Dogwood

April 21, 2017   Great Smoky Mountain National Park

I plan to continue adding to this page as I accumulate more photos.  As a starting point, we just returned from our annual trek to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is well known for its variety of wildflowers.  I'd like to get better at identifying the flowers I see, so I'll be researching and labeling them here.  I don't claim to be an expert, just an enthusiast, so if you see any errors in my identification, please let me know!

Flowering Dogwood

Dog Hobble

Hooked Buttercup

Fineleaf Toothwort?

Purple Phacelia

White Erect Trillium
Robin's Plantain 


Wild Blue Phlox


Cutleaf Toothwort

Bishop's Cap

need more research - possibly Bowman's Root?

Common Fleabane

Common Fleabane again.  I love these


  1. Very nice! The 'not a clue' plant might be a toothwort, possibly a Cutleaf Toothwort. I look forward to seeing more! XO

  2. Oh my goodness--I think you like photographing wild flowers--and you are very very good at it--
    I have not seen nor do I know most of these--
    thanks for sharing them--
    love, di

  3. I love your pictures of wildflowers. It all looks good to me. You have several more then we do. I love to walk in the woods and see them. I saw Jack-in-the-Pulpit this week. Even bought one at a garden center. I enjoy seeing yours.


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