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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday DH!

--Warning—picture heavy travelogue to follow.

Lucky DH – his birthday always coincides with Memorial Day weekend, so we usually take a little getaway.   Our destination this year:  Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. 



They are currently housing a special Rolling Stones exhibit, which was pretty interesting.  There were quotes from Mick Jagger in several places, and they were surprising.  One stated that he wouldn’t write some of the songs today – he would censor himself.



And drugs and alcohol must be the secret for staying thin, because these costumes were tiny!!

IMG_0306IMG_0308IMG_0310Note the quilt-inspired jacket!IMG_0312

Before we went to the Museum, we spent some time at the West Side Market.  I wish our town had a market half as wonderful as this.



IMG_0278They had an unbelievable variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, spices…..  and don’t forget the baked goods, pirogues, and People!!  We spent a couple of hours wandering the aisles and wishing we could buy our weekly groceries.  Alas, we’re just travelling through, so we had to settle for some strawberries, lemons, and small bread items. 


When we went to the museum, we parked on a pier, and noticed a boat cruise leaving, so we decided to take a cruise later in the afternoon aboard the Good Time III.  I thought it would go out on Lake Erie, but it actually went up the winding Cuyahoga River.  We did get to see a couple of small lighthouses at the mouth of the river, then great views of the skyline.


Cleveland is known as the City of Bridges, and we saw every kind of drawbridge imaginable.

IMG_0357There were bridges that turned out of the way as we approached.IMG_4874Bridges that raised, allowing the boats to go under them.IMG_4944


And bridges that tilted up and out of the way.






A really fun day, ended by dining at a burger joint within easy walking distance from our hotel.  More fun adventures planned for tomorrow!

Kindness matters….Sunny



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OFW and Double Ta Da!

Here are a couple of flowers that I made last week, and are on their way to Australia.  I didn’t have any fabrics like these in my stash, but a co-worker was happy to help me out.


And speaking of co-workers, I’ve finished the baby quilt!  IMG_0257

This was inspired from the theme that the mama has chosen to decorate her nursery.  I was approached and asked to make a ‘branded’ quilt.  Another co-worker provided me with a T-shirt to use for the logo.


The hst’s are actually siggy blocks, and we got some really cute ones.  There are drawings, quotes, and poems in addition to congratulatory comments.


Just showing the back to prove that it really is finished, because this is one of my OPAM’s for May!


The shower is next week, so I hope it gets a good reception.

I also finished the afghan that I have been working on for the past several months.  I love crocheting in the car, but this was getting too big to travel.


Now I get to start something new before we go away this weekend!

Yesterday, I received a lovely squishy from Irene.  It was my mug rug from my swap group.  I chose patriotic this cycle, and this is how Irene sees patriotic.


I think I’ll take it to work and hang it on my cube wall.  thanks Irene!



I think that’s enough for tonight.  On to a new project tomorrow.

Be kind, and keep the residents of Moore, OK in your prayers.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Plan B Saturday

Can you guess what Plan A was?IMG_0135We got the kayaks out of storage last night, and had every intention of paddling them today.  But it was cool and breezy, with rain threatening all day.  As usually happens, since we didn’t go out, the rain never did materialize.
Instead, we ventured a few miles down the road to a plant nursery.  A truly wonderful place for someone who loves photographing flowers.

We noticed that several people were looking out towards the parking lot, and sadly, this is what they were watching.

I walked out to the parking lot, and started talking to two gentlemen, one of whom turned out to be the unfortunate owner of the car.  I was very relieved to know that he had escaped unharmed from the car.  It was an electrical fire, and the lights were flashing, the horn was honking, and we heard several small explosions.  How scary!!  After the excitement died down, we found another exit from the parking lot, and continued on to our lunch destination.  While walking from the parking space to the restaurant, we  passed by several poppies – I love poppies!IMG_0185IMG_0191

We arrived back home in plenty of time to watch the annual Wagon Train pass our house.  IMG_0205IMG_0206

I think there were fewer participants this year, and fewer costumes than in the past. 
To continue with the horse theme, we came home and watched the Preakness.  No chance of a Triple Crown Winner this year. 
Last night, I worked on my GFG quilt for FNSI.  I really do hope to get it finished by the end of this year.

And now, I really must go, because I have blogs to visit, and quilts to sandwich.  See you around!
Be kind……Sunny