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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

counting my blessings.....Sunny

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Loot!

I thought I better share some pictures of all the loot that I brought home from my little road trip last week. 

There were books:

Some fabric:

Even a kit.  I don't usually buy kits, but this was too good a deal to pass up.
Everything has been put away, and I've been doing lots of sewing.  I had to get a few things finished and off the sewing table so I can start Mr. Jack O'Lantern.  After all, it will be October in just a few days. 
And what, you ask, did hubby do while I was away?  He went out and bought his annual pumpkins and mums.  He says he's cutting back this year - one year he bought 19 pumpkins!
And in other hubby news, we went out to dinner with friends on Friday night.  He ordered a bowl of soup, ate it, and ordered and ate a second bowl!!
Tonight he ate my homemade chicken noodle soup.  Yeah!!  He's finally turned the corner and is beginning to improve.  Hopefully he'll be eating solid food in the near future.  I think he's lost over 40 pounds.  Thanks you all for your prayers throughout this ordeal.

Counting my blessings......Sunny

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011.09.22 Back to reality

Today was the final day of my little adventure.  I slept in a little later than usual because I had trouble sleeping during the night.  I'm not sure why - the bed was comfy, it was quiet, the room was dark and it was a comfortable temperature.  But I was only a couple of miles away from my first destination, so sleeping in was okay. 

Last year I discovered a large Antique Mall but it wasn't open when I was in the area.  I went back one Saturday, but hubby was waiting in the car so I made a very quick trip, knowing that I would be back someday.  Today was the day.  This place is so huge and packed so full of stuff that it's just overwhelming.  I spent about two hours, and that was all I could take.  I'm not even sure I would go back.  I think I prefer the smaller places.

Patchwork Plus was my next stop.

Yet another quilt shop located in an out-of-the-way place.  It was a very nice store, and unlike the antique store, I will definitely be going back.  They had a sample on the wall for sale and didn't have any patterns available, so I may look for this online.

I spent some time at a farmer's market right next to the quilt store.  Hubby had requested some country ham for sandwiches, so I was in search for the ham.  He can't eat it, so I'm not sure what he wants it for, but if it motivates him, I'm all for it.
Here's the major scenery for today.  Not quite as nice as the last couple of days.  And despite the doom and gloom weather forecast for rain all day, nary a drop fell on me.  But I suppose if I had planned an 'outdoor' day, the rains would have come.

There were some interesting clouds, but they don't photograph well from a moving vehicle.  Fortunately I had just put the camera down when I passed a State Trooper!

Here's a picture of the loot from my three days out and about.  I may take more tomorrow when I'm organizing and putting it all away.  I had to take this one quickly before the hubster came home.

If you look closely, you can see Zoe to the left of the bags.  She's blending in with the plants.

And this?  This is my favorite pillow.  On my own bed.  In my own little house.  Where I'll be resting my head tonight.  Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

Gratuitous picture of flower inserted here.
So what have these past few days been all about?  I mean, besides shopping and sightseeing.  I have not been in a good place lately.  I do not have a job.  My husband is dealing with serious health issues and I am dealing with my husband.  I need to figure out what I want to do with my life.  As awful as my job had become, we are defined by our work in today's society.  So without a job, am I nothing? 

I feel motivated, inspired, creative again.  The time away was good.  I feel ready to begin anew.  I think it's time to get a little more serious about finding a job.  I want to paint my kitchen.  I want to spend more time sewing.  I'd like to read more. Remember this?
 I need to spend less time on the computer and more time participating in real life.  I just started taking an online Journaling class.  Maybe journaling more will help me find my way.  Maybe my blog posting will become more 'real'.  Maybe I'm just rambling now and I should say "Good night" sign off.

One last thing.  I did not shed a single tear all weekend, which is very good for me, especially when considering how much time I spent alone in the car.  The only exception was when I read a blog that I linked to.  Go HERE if you haven't already read about this and you want to help.

counting my many blessings......Sunny

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011.09.21 The Adventure continues

Adventure must start with running away from home

Day two.  As you're viewing today's pictures of the New River Gorge Bridge, think of all the crazy people who will be jumping off this bridge in a few short weeks.  Check out this site if you'd like to read more about Bridge Day.
Seriously?  Jumping off this?
The view from the Visitor Center
Inside the Visitor Center

You were expecting pictures of flowers, weren't you?
I can't help myself.
Driving down into the Gorge
Seriously???  Jumping off this?
The old bridge, at the bottom of the Gorge
Some people can take a dozen shots of a single quilt.  For me, it's all about bridges.  I love bridges, and this one is exceptional.

A few other shots from the bottom, and then we'll move on.

I finally decided it was time to move on down the road, and the next stop was Tamarack, where I did some shopping.  It's a very interesting place selling all things West Virginia.  Quilts, pottery, books, carved wooden items, jams and sauces, etc.

  I got a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts while I was there!

I knew where I wanted to spend the night, so I headed down the highway again.  After a couple of hours of driving on the Interstate, I decided it was time to hit the back roads for a while.  What a great decision!  I hadn't gone far when I saw this sign:
A very cute little quilt shop! 
Of course I had to stop, and of course I spent a few $$$.  Then   I drove to my final destination town for the night.  I stopped at the local quilt store (imagine that!!) before I found a hotel.  I walked in at 6:00, and I thought they were open until 7:00.  I asked about the pattern for a quilt they had in the window and a copy was quickly found for me.  I was very embarrassed when I then discovered that they closed at 5:00 on Wednesday!  The door was open because they had a club meeting.  I quickly made my purchase, and headed out the door.  Here's the quilt in the window:

Tomorrow is the last day of my little adventure, and it's supposed to rain all day.  I'm going to spend a couple of hours at a local antique mall, and then head for home.  I have three choices for the route home, and will decide based on the weather when the time comes.  Wish me luck!
counting my blessings......Sunny

oops, almost forgot - it's One Flower Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


8:19 am.   61 degrees.  light rain, drizzle, fog. 

fuel tank filled - check
apples and carrots packed - check
candy corn packed - shhhh. it's fall after all
camera, phone, and computer packed - check
gps, maps, books, crocheting, hexie making kit, cross stitch - check

I have decided to run away from home again.  The adventure begins with breakfast at Hardee's.  We don't have Hardee's in our town, so any venture to the west begins with a stop here for breakfast.  mmmm love their Frisco breakfast sandwiches
I drove up to a scenic overlook to get a picture of the fog.
Then I started the long trek to my final destination for the day.  But it's quite a long drive, and I tend to get sleepy if I drive too long, so I planned a few stops.  Fun stops.  Like Four Seasons Stitchery, Sew Chic, Sweet Memories Antique Mall, and The Sew Inn.  Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?
I also stopped at a park to walk around and stretch my legs a bit.
I saw several signs along the highway for a Fiesta Ware outlet, so I stopped in and bought a couple of pieces.  I'm seriously considering painting and redecorating my kitchen, and want to try out some new colors.  I left all of my new purchases in the car tonight, so you'll just have to believe me when I say I had a pretty good day.
Fall is slowly coming to the mountains of West Virginia.  The leaves are starting to change in a few places.
The light was fading when I neared my final destination.
The New River Gorge Bridge.  I pulled in to the Visitor Center, but it was closed for the day.  I got out of the car to see if I could find the Overlook, but before I got very far, a biker came up to me and told me about a road I could take to get great views of the bridge.  I didn't get any really great pictures because of the rapidly fading light, but I have plans to go back tomorrow morning for a short hike.  Rest assured, you'll get plenty of pictures tomorrow night if I don't get rained out! 

Until tomorrow!  Another busy day planned.

Counting my blessings....Sunny