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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas gifties!

I cannot start the New Year until I finish with Christmas!  Lucky for me, I still have over an hour to go as I start writing this.

Our Christmas celebration was very low-key this year.  We spent Thanksgiving with my family, and stayed home alone for Christmas.  I had gatherings and luncheons and teas with several different groups and friends.  A lot of festivities throughout the month.

Early in the month, a package arrived from my friend Maria in Australia!  I was so good - I didn't open it until Christmas Eve.  I am notorious for opening gifts early.
This is the neatest scissor keep that I've ever seen.  It lays flat when unzipped, and Maria did the tiniest little applique.  And she even embroidered my name on the back.  It came with some Lynette Anderson fabrics, and a Belgian chocolate lollipop.  The chocolate disappeared earlier tonight.  I can't thank you enough, Maria!

Another package arrived from Di in sunny Florida.  It was chock full of fun little goodies, and the most beautiful pair of hand-knit socks.  They are so soft and warm and cozy.
I believe there was chocolate in this package as well, but it disappeared long before the picture was taken.  There's a beautiful Wildflower calendar, some handy clips, an adorable little coin purse, and other goodies as well.  Thanks so much Di!

I don't usually share what DH gave me, but he outdid himself this year.  He was in a quilt shop in Utah with me, and asked if I like this fabric.  Um .... yes!  Would I want it for Christmas?  Um...YES!!
It's a fat quarter bundle of gorgeous Civil War reproduction fabrics!!  I'm now on the hunt for the perfect pattern to use.  Reproduction fabrics are very popular in our area, and I have a nice selection of books to look through.  I'll start the search in the next day or so as I begin the purge in my sewing/craft room. 

DH also got me a gift certificate from The Singer Featherweight Shop, and these are the goodies I chose.
I needed the new presser foot and LED light bulb for the gift that I bought myself.  In case you didn't see her on FB, here is my newest machine.
She is in great condition, and sews like a dream.  She's already worked on three projects!

I need to take a couple of pictures tomorrow during the daylight, and then I'll be back with my OPAM and my word for the year. 

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!               Sunny

Sunday, December 3, 2017

It's just not possible - Nov OPAM

Is it?  Has an entire month passed since I posted?  I thought it had been a couple of weeks.  Oh well.  Nothing much to share in the line of quiltiness.  I worked on three projects at Quilt Retreat at the beginning of the month, but none of them are finished.  Two weeks later, I went to a scrapbook retreat with my college roommate.  It was held at a State Park, so it was very convenient to get up early each morning for a short hike around the area. 

Somewhere in there, I managed to make 8 mug rugs to be given as favors at an upcoming Christmas luncheon.  I used Christmas colors, but not Christmas fabric, so they can be used year-round.

I also made a little gift to send to Maria.  Fortunately, she took a picture because I forgot to.
So I did manage to have a finish for OPAM.

Thanksgiving week found us in Salt Lake City, UT.  We had planned to go visit my sister for Christmas, but my brother was able to go for Thanksgiving, so we moved up our visit.  We had family time, and plenty of sightseeing.  And I finally got to meet up with Vickie from Creative Notions.  We 'met' through a  swap several years ago, and finally had the chance to meet for lunch. 
More on that later......

I'll leave you with a few (?) images from Utah.
Two darling great nieces
A quilt shop!!

Snow at Snobwird Ski Resort

Look at how high I hiked!!

Christmas lights at Temple Square
I've spent this entire weekend working on blocks for a swap for a retreat.  Almost finished!!  I hope to have more to show in my next post, which will be in less than a month, I promise.

Keep on Stitching....... Sunny

Devil's Kitchen on Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop