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November - Photo a Day

I don't like November.  I think it's dreary and generally ugly.  I've challenged myself to post one photo per day, showing the beauty of the month.

November 14:
After the freeze
November 13:

the fascination continues!
November 12:
The path abruptly ended here.

My fascination with Gingkos begins.  Gingko Leaf Dump
November 11:
Sycamore reflections.  I'm starting to see a theme here!

November 10:
Beauty in the reflections

November 9:
There is a quiet sadness as the season of life ends.
November 8:

There are still some pretty blooms!

November 7:

picture taken through rainy windshield in City Park

November 6:
Red leaves in our front yard!

November 5:
Geranium is still blooming
November 4:
beautiful seed pod

November 3:
Love the two-tone leaves

November 2:
early morning at retreat
November 1:
pretty leaf with a bonus Ladybug

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