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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Things.

I went to sit with my Hospice patient this morning for the first time.  I was a little nervous because I've never done anything like this before.  She and her husband had just had breakfast, and they both snoozed most of the time I was there.  It doesn't feel like I really did anything, but the rest of the family was able to attend church together while I sat and kept watch, and they were very appreciative.
I crocheted and  read to pass my time.  They have two very large dogs, who were just big pussy cats, and there's a cat named Killer!  He's a beauty.

Speaking of cats, last night as I was on my way to bed, I saw movement in our tree.  I pulled out the flashlight, and discovered two kittens in our tree.  Hubby feeds all the strays in the neighborhood, so I filled up the outside bowl, and then sat in the dark to see what would happen.  Within a few minutes I saw both of them come down from the tree and head straight for the food.  Another cat, who we've nicknamed Tux, was eating as well, so I guess she's probably the mama cat.
Have I ever mentioned that I love kittens?

I also decided to soak up some sun this afternoon, and here are the views from my lounge chair.

Then I allowed myself a Sunday afternoon nap.  I know I won't sleep tonight, but it was worth it.  Dinner was some yummy baked chicken with fresh herbs, sauteed squash, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.  I love summer foods!

Heading down to the sewing room now to work on a little quilt that I cut out last night.

Counting my blessings....Sunny


  1. What a beautiful day over your way today - nice to see some blue sky - we are bleak and cold where I am today!! Your sitting with your hospice patients would have been much appreciated...with Dad at the mo, just someone else being there so Mum can carry on with other parts of her life are always appreciated too. You would have made a huge difference.Love your kitten pic!!

  2. What a wonderful day you had. I love the outside photos. I spent all day at work indoors so they are such a relaxing and refreshing way to end my day - thank you!

  3. The kittens are adorable. You certainly had a wonderful view from your lounge chair - sounds like a wonderful afternoon :)

  4. Time spent in service is never wasted. I am sure the family is very grateful.

  5. What a simple thing to do that really helped them. I love kitties too. I don't have any but I love them.

  6. I enjoyed your blog post today. I get so caught in present cares this is a good reminder for me to stop and smell the roses and any other flowers that I see along the way.

  7. Ahhh--kittens--now you will have some fun. play times!!! glad you were able to give some folks some free time to Church--yet have their loved ones watched over--bless you!!!
    Love the flowers and there is nothing wrong with resting and just plain enjoying the things around us--believe it or not--I am working on that same 'subject'!!!
    Hugs, Di and her kitty

  8. That was so nice to sit with the old folk so their family could go to church.
    Love your kitty photos.
    What a beautiful day SPJ.


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