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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas prezzies and swaps!

'Tis the Season!    Falalalala lalalala......

Packages have been arriving in the mail!  Yippee!  First, I received my Secret Santa Swap, and I was totally blown away.  Not one, but two of the most beautiful table runners.  One is for Christmas, and one is for every day.
Thank you so much Monica! I absolutely love them.

Then my kitties received a stocking that they won in Di's pet stocking giveaway.  Of course, Zippy (Zoe) discovered the stocking first, and tried her best to get into it.  I finally opened it and gave her a catnip toy.  The other two quickly joined her and each got their own toy.  I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of Scooter, our old, dignified lady, who wouldn't want anyone to know that she was playing with a toy, anyway.  But here are Zippy and Chloe.

She's actually rubbing it all over, not sleeping!
Today the mailman brought a package from Scotland.  I was blog hopping one evening a couple of weeks ago, and saw the cutest tea cosy.  Penny, the owner, was trying to think of ideas to do with her leftover fabric, and I jokingly suggested that she could make a cosy for me.  Well, we corresponded a few times, and she sold this adorable cosy to me.  I'll take some pictures of it in action soon.

I've looked everywhere, and I can't find her blog address to share with you.  Edited:   Penny can be found HERE.

I've made a couple of mug rugs that I'm sending out as gifts.  They turned out larger than I planned, so I have to go back to the design stage.  I'm thinking about organizing a swap after Christmas if anyone is interested.   I have Linda on a list already.

These are my first attempts at embroidery and at applique, so I hope the recipients remember "It's the thought counts!"

Living my life with an Attitude of Gratitude.....Sunny


  1. Your table runners are lovely Sunny.One to use over the festive season and one to remember your blogging friend all year round.
    I still have not recieved my Secret Santa swap or heard from the lady I sent my to on Nov 8th.
    Your cats are really enjoying their present too.Cute photos.
    Great work of the Mug Rugs.I did not use a pattern and made my different sizes. Yes I will be in your swap next year.
    Well I did not think folk still used teapots. Your cosy is really gorgeous.

  2. Your mug rugs are adorable!! The recipients will be very happy with their gifts.

    The table runners you received are beautiful and the tea cozy is so cute.

    It looks like the kitties were having fun with their win too!

  3. Wow Sunny - I love the table runners - so pretty. And, the tea cozy is adorable! How cute are those mug rugs - I love the sweet sentiments you added! Very cute!

  4. Those runners are beautiful, and I just love the tea cozy! The cats are hilarious- no need for them to be dignified. I'd be in on a mug rug swap.

  5. So glad that you like the tea cosy. I hope that you have lots of cosy tea parties now!! Your cat reminds me of my daughters cat. Those mug rugs are pretty cute especially with the snowman letter inside. And for your first attempts I think that you shouldnt apologise they're great.

  6. I am sooo glad the kitties loved the goodies!!!
    My love it that "pink" teddy in your header!!!
    though those two mug rugs are really beautiful--get job--I may join in the new year!!!
    Have a happy week--
    Hugs, Di and that darn miss gracie

  7. woo hoo, Santa found you! Looks like you have had a good week, enjoy!

  8. How great it was you that received Monica`s lovely table-runner!
    And 2 of them,that`s great.
    Happy pre-Christmas time :-)

  9. Sunny, the prize arrived today and your work is so lovely. Thank you for such a sweet gift!

  10. Love the mug rugs!! Specially the "count your blessings" one! It is a great gift idea.. oh and your kitties looks so happy!!!


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