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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

Why, with the help of my friends, of course!  It's been a good week for growing flowers - lots of sun following plenty of rain.

This flower is made from fabric that Gina sent me; leftover from one of the flowers in the beautiful flower basket block that she made me for BSA.
Linda may recognize the center of these.  She sent me 14 little squares with the lovely pincushion that I won.  14 squares are enough for two flowers, but I decided to use them all for centers. I basted them all one night, and then sorted through my fabric for 'petals' to coordinate.  I've put 2 together so far, and have several others cut out and in my project bag.
And my other dear friend Linda sent me some fabric just because.  I mentioned it in an earlier post, but was unable to post pictures that night.  Now you can see it as the petals of these flowers.  And again, I have several others cut out in my project bag.
Yes, the center of the bottom one does actually coordinate.  Not so much in the picture.

thanks ladies! Ii counted my flowers tonight, and I have 65 finished, and 10 more cut out.  I'll be starting on stepping stones soon, because I have no idea how many I will need to make a useful quilt.  I did see a quilt in an antique store a couple of weeks ago, and I got a great idea for a border.   If you'd like to see more hexie flower gardens, visit our One Flower Wednesday hostess, Karen, to follow links to more gardens.  Won't you join us sometime?  Anyone can join.

counting my blessings......Sunny


  1. What a gorgeous garden you're growing. I'm impressed!

  2. Your garden is growing beautifully sunny.

    Will pop over to Karen's blog and see if I can join in next week.

  3. What a beautiful assortment of flowers! Your garden grows very well! :)

  4. Great garden! It is really growing continuously and I love all the pretty flowers:-)

  5. Your garden is really coming along! Pretty flowers!

  6. Your garden is one of beauty! I really like the blue petals that look like they have ribbon running through them :)

  7. Wow ,That is alot of work .I looked at your blogs you do wonderful hand work Laura

  8. Wow are you quick! 65 sounds like so many - but I bet it takes a lot of flowers.


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