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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011.09.21 The Adventure continues

Adventure must start with running away from home

Day two.  As you're viewing today's pictures of the New River Gorge Bridge, think of all the crazy people who will be jumping off this bridge in a few short weeks.  Check out this site if you'd like to read more about Bridge Day.
Seriously?  Jumping off this?
The view from the Visitor Center
Inside the Visitor Center

You were expecting pictures of flowers, weren't you?
I can't help myself.
Driving down into the Gorge
Seriously???  Jumping off this?
The old bridge, at the bottom of the Gorge
Some people can take a dozen shots of a single quilt.  For me, it's all about bridges.  I love bridges, and this one is exceptional.

A few other shots from the bottom, and then we'll move on.

I finally decided it was time to move on down the road, and the next stop was Tamarack, where I did some shopping.  It's a very interesting place selling all things West Virginia.  Quilts, pottery, books, carved wooden items, jams and sauces, etc.

  I got a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts while I was there!

I knew where I wanted to spend the night, so I headed down the highway again.  After a couple of hours of driving on the Interstate, I decided it was time to hit the back roads for a while.  What a great decision!  I hadn't gone far when I saw this sign:
A very cute little quilt shop! 
Of course I had to stop, and of course I spent a few $$$.  Then   I drove to my final destination town for the night.  I stopped at the local quilt store (imagine that!!) before I found a hotel.  I walked in at 6:00, and I thought they were open until 7:00.  I asked about the pattern for a quilt they had in the window and a copy was quickly found for me.  I was very embarrassed when I then discovered that they closed at 5:00 on Wednesday!  The door was open because they had a club meeting.  I quickly made my purchase, and headed out the door.  Here's the quilt in the window:

Tomorrow is the last day of my little adventure, and it's supposed to rain all day.  I'm going to spend a couple of hours at a local antique mall, and then head for home.  I have three choices for the route home, and will decide based on the weather when the time comes.  Wish me luck!
counting my blessings......Sunny

oops, almost forgot - it's One Flower Wednesday!


  1. What a wonderful adventure. I'm glad I got to go along with you.

  2. What fun you are having! Glad to see you are enjoying yourself.

  3. I've been to several of those places! How fun. I-81 is one of the most wonderful drives. I traveled that way a few years ago on my trek to Staten Island (yea, I know, not a big tourist destination) and found loads of antique places along the way. Be safe!

  4. I am enjoying coming along with you Sunny.
    There are sew ,any beautiful quilt shops in the US
    Nice flower to add to your collection.

  5. Your photos are making me feel like I'm right there with you. Thanks for sharing.
    It looks like you have a wonderful new pattern to be working with.

  6. Oh you lucky girl! I love the area you are visiting! My family is from West Virginia and I hope to move there someday!

  7. What a beautiful area to take a mini vacation in! I bet when the trees turn to their Autumn colors it will be any prettier. The bridge is awesome! Thank you for taking time to share your adventure with us....

  8. Oh the bridge is awesome. I like the little bridge too. And of couse your flowers are lovely!!

  9. Hi Sunny How nice you are on a get away. It looks like you are having lots of fun with some sightseeing and shopping. I hope you had an enjoyable last day...will be waiting for photos.

  10. Too funny! but quilters are such great people, they didn't mind you coming in the shop after hours!! I'm sure!


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