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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Another Saturday

Our lilac bush is in bloom, and it smells yummy!  I snapped a couple of shots as we left home this morning.  Our destination today was a nursery in PA, but we were in no hurry to get there.  DH wanted to stop at the Outlets in Gettysburg, so we walked around and did a little shopping.  The only money I spend was in the Pepperidge Farms store.   shhhh.... 

Our bonus for the day was Greyhounds in Gettysburg.  Behind the outlet mall were vendor tents selling anything and everything Greyhound, and there were Greyhounds everywhere.  Almost all of the mall stores had a sign in the window stating that dogs were welcome inside.  A few had signs saying that owners were welcome inside, and dogs outside.  Somehow I just missed the large parade.

What a beauty!

Styling in the cold.

Travelling in style
About a half hour later, we arrived at Ashcombe, a nursery I had visited many years ago.  We oohed and aahed over the flowers, loaded up our cart, and pretty well filled up the back of my car. 

It's too early to plant in the ground yet, but several of these will go into pots, and we can go ahead and get them potted.  The others will stay safely on the front porch until all threat of frost has passed.  We've had such strange weather lately, that we don't want to take any chances. 

Our next stop was a fabric shop, Needle & Thread, which specializes in Civil War reproductions, and fabric for reenactment costumes.  There were two men in the store while I was there, purchasing fabric and trims for their costumes.  As you can imagine, Civil War Re-enactments are big business in this area.  There was also a family in the store with a greyhound, so I asked some questions, and learned a little more about the group.  And yes, it WAS a fabric store, and some fabric and a couple of books may possibly come home with me.

And lest you think I did no stitching today, rest assured that I did a tiny bit of crocheting while DH was shopping, and I intend to spend the rest of the evening settled comfortably in my chair, with cross stitch and applique at hand.

Contentedly stitching away.....Sunny


  1. love ly bit of shoppingthere Sunny,what a wonderful day you had.xx

  2. Sure sounds like you had a very interesting day---and then to shop on top of it--wow!!!
    Love love plant shopping and it looks like you did a great job--and the fabric and 2 books look yummy too!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  3. I love Greyhounds!!! Such beautiful dogs. And such pretty flowers and fabric that came home with you!

    Our weather is being weird too, not quite safe yet to plant outside!

  4. Looks like a fun day to me...I LUV dogs...almost ANY kind, adding pretty flowers...LILACs are the best, so fragrant. Toping it off with some fun fabrics...yep GREAT day! lucky duck!


  5. Wow everything I love, dogs, flowers and fabrics. The book about Grandma's flower garden sure look like a good book.

  6. I love Greyhounds, they have such a lovely temperament. Loving the fabric too!! Hugs

  7. How wonderful that you got to enjoy such a special day.........

  8. What a fun day. Glad you shared with us.

  9. That really sounds like a great day out. Fabric and flowers, two of my favorite things!

  10. Sounds like a fun day. Love all the flowers and your Louisa May Alcott book looks interesting.

  11. very nice, the hexagon quilt on the book right, i am making, see my blog.

  12. Sounds like a really interesting enjoyable day. Love your purchases - both floral and fabric - too!

  13. What a fabulous day out..
    You came home with lots of goodies....

  14. What a fun day! Would love to go plant shopping but we don't have any time to get the beds ready this year. They'll still be there next year ....

    Where is the quilt shop? I googled it and found 4 different ones, 2 in Virginia. May have to hit it when I am up your way in June!


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