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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Adventure....Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday – Rainy Day

So what’s a girl to do when it’s raining in an outdoor adventure land?  Visit the Local Quilt Shops, of course.  There’s a very nice shop in Bar Harbor, called Fabricate.  They have a lot of specialty fabrics for the area, and I found a couple of little fat eighth bundles that will work wonderfully in the quilt that I’m designing in my mind.  I spent more time and more money there than I should have, but it was raining!  Then we hit the shops in Bar Harbor.  You can find any number of shops carrying T-shirts, postcards, and mugs.  But there are also a lot of artisans and galleries in the area.  There was a cruise ship in the harbor, so we had to trip over a few blue-hairs, but we had a fun morning despite the dreary weather.  We had lunch at one of the many lobster pounds on the way to Trenton, and then, “oh Honey, there’s another Quilt Shop just a couple of miles up the road”.  DH always has a book in the car, and he was very obliging today.   I managed to purchase a book with Maine motifs for applique, and a lighthouse applique kit.  Everything is buried in the back of the car, so no photos of my haul for the day.

We drove around in the park for awhile, and eventually ended up at yet another lobster pound in Southwest Harbor.  We had chatted with another couple at breakfast that recommended this place, and advised us of the beauty of being there to watch the sun set.  And the sun had indeed made a presence around mid day. 
Sunset in Southwest Harbor

Dinner for Two?

Thursday – Boat Cruise

We got an early start today with breakfast in Northeast Harbor, followed by a scenic boat cruise out of the harbor.  Our guide was a National Park Ranger, and he was very informative and interesting to listen to.  When we got to a lighthouse, and again when some harbor seals were spotted sunning on some rocks, the boat captain turned the boat so that everyone could get a good view.  We also spotted several Loons, an immature Bald Eagle, an enormous Osprey nest, and several other birds.  We learned a little about the lobster business, and saw some beautiful scenery.
Bear Lake Light

Harbor seals sunning
Vehicles are transported to and from the outer islands by barge.

Boats in Northeast Harbor
We took another drive through the park in the afternoon, stopping at a couple of spots that we had skipped the first day.  A few trees are starting to turn, and we got some gorgeous photos of orange trees against a very blue sky.  I love the weather this time of year.  It’s sweatshirt weather, and when we dined outdoors tonight, the restaurant had heaters so it wasn’t too cool. 
Along Park Loop Road

Near Thunder Hole
Now that I know where to find WiFi, I'm almost caught up with the adventures.  More to come later.  Thanks to those of you who are following along.  We'll return to your regularly scheduled blog next week.
My kind of dining establishment


  1. Those lobsters look so yummy! I thought of you at the county fair and ordered some clams, but they weren't so good. Wish I was in Maine!

  2. Your pics are gorgeous.. the Northeast in the fall has always been on my bucket list. :) And who doesn't love to find new quilt shops!!! What a bonus!

  3. What beautiful photos. Looks like you are having a great time. Thank goodness it rained a bit so you had reason to duck into those quilt shops. It's always fun to bring something back from vacation to enjoy in the sewing room. Have fun!

  4. Love,love, love... wish I was there. :-))

  5. How I could eat Lobster day after day, Sunny - and you ARE! Looks like you're having all the best - quilt shops, pretty good weather, colors turning and great food!

  6. Oh what a wonderful trip you seem to having and to take the time to share it in pictures and words is great of you--and I can even joy the food and not gain an ounce!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie


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