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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh the Weather outside is Frightful!


Our forecast for today was for 1-2” of snow, and we got at least 5”.  Later tonight, we’re expecting an ice storm on top of the snow.  Yippee..  On the bright side, it’s perfect sewing weather!!  I sewed down binding all night Friday night for FNWF, and I finished one quilt yesterday.  This is a service project for our guild – the quilts are being given to the Sheriff’s Department, to have in their cars for children who may be traumatized and need some comfort. 


A few minutes ago, I finished another quilt.  This one will be going to Project Hope.  A young mother who is suffering from post-partum depression will eventually receive this.  The patchwork blocks were made by Pat of 501 Blocks, and then I made them into a quilt.


Last week I finished two gifts that I won’t be able to share until after Christmas.  And sometime this week, I’ll have to finish another gift.

So….what can I show you?  How about some postcards?  This is the one I received from Annette in Sheila’s postcard swap.

The tiny little snowflakes are beads, and I love the way she stitched the ‘border’.

Here is the postcard that I sent to Annette.


We had a houseguest for a few days before Thanksgiving, so I spent a couple of weekends cleaning.  I am really trying to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ in this house.  I had a box for the SPCA, the Habitat Restore, the Used Book Store, and a few crafty things for co-workers.  I still have a long way to go.  Sometimes the stuff just gets too overwhelming,   I also prepped plenty of hand sewing before our guest arrived, so I could be sociable while he was here, and not be stuck down in the cave.  My plan worked quite well.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but I’ll try not to wait so long for the next post.

Kindness matters…and Santa’s watching…..Sunny



  1. Stay warm! I think the only good that comes from cold weather is the very good excuse to stay inside and sew. I know I did that today instead of going outside and doing yard work!

  2. Oh my!!!! Please be careful in this crazee weather!!!! Love the quilts and cards too!

  3. I know it isn't nice for you Sunny but the snow does look nice. Hmm!! Beautiful day here to day, not too hot..
    Lovely quilts you have make for folk who need some comfort..
    Nice postcards both sent and received..
    Must go now as it is time for Patch.

  4. Oh Sunny if I could just swap weather for a day or two
    I'm melting from the heat .. .. ..

  5. Oh its good to see your post! I've been thinking about you. Be careful in that weather!

  6. Beautiful quilts and I love the postcards. Stay warm and safe over there.

  7. Love your quilts and postcards. Your weather sounds great for stitching but hazardous keep warm and safe x

  8. It looks very Christmassy out of your windows. I love snow - as long as I don't have to go out in it!

  9. what a lovely thing to do Sunny and love the postcards,well done.xx

  10. It sure is sewing weather for you. Brrrr.
    Love the idea of the quilts going in the police vehicles.
    Your work is lovely!

  11. Great quilts and what a lovely way to help out. I too am trying to get rid of stuff again. It really does feel good and
    Reminds me not to buy so much!

  12. I hope you don't have to drive in the ice or maybe on the ice! Your quilts are great! the people receiving them will be thrilled!

  13. It looks so pretty, but I'm sure it is frightful!

    Love the Santa Postcard, Sunny.

  14. Just as well you have a good inside hobby - but the snow does look beautiful! I imagine it must be a nuisance? Good on you with the lovely donation quilts; I'm sure they will be well received. I'm afraid I tend to find more cupboard space rather than face trying to sort out my things!!Love the postcards!!!

  15. Nasty weather , we have had it as well . Lovely donation quilts , I know they will make someone very happy. Your postcards are great , love the one you sent to Annette , very cute!

  16. I was thinking how much your photos looked like my area did this AM and then realized we probably experienced the same storm system. I am 20 miles N of Philly. We were told the worst of the storm would be for the northern and western suburbs and that the Philly area would get maybe 1-2 inches. WRONG. We got 8" and the northern bnd western suburbs got next to nothing. The roads were clear here this AM, at least major roads, but there is more due tomorrow. Glad I got my doctor's visit out of the way. The quilts are great. I love the gray and blue one.

  17. I missed you updating your post--
    I was getting worried--yet I knew you where leaving me comments--so???
    Packages are there way to you-=so don't get too much ice and snow--so the mailman can find you!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  18. Sunny, we have some snow here too but -5 degrees is frightful! Love the quilts you've been working on and pretty postcards.

  19. How kind to make something for someone who is in need of hope, lovely quilt, Peggy! Same klimate at my end here, misty, but seems to clear up slowly, but very slippery to walk.

  20. Hey Sunny, what wonderful quilts and postcards. What I like about the sample quilt is that it's nice and balanced. Good colors too. It's been cold here too. I've actually been wearing long sleeves and today I even wore a sweater! And a coat when I went outside. Stay nice and warm. "Santa's Watching" really made me smile. Very cute.


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