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Thursday, February 13, 2014

When will it end?


This is getting ridiculous.  Since my last post, we’ve had a snowstorm:


An ice storm:


and another snowstorm today!  No grilling or sitting on the deck today.


I am very thankful for a warm house with no power outages, and an understanding employer that allows us to work from home rather than risk our lives to drive on the treacherous roads. 

I’m also extremely thankful for this wonderful package that I received in the mail a few days ago from Kaaren at The Painted Quilt.


I had seen pictures of Kaaren’s quilt on her blog, and I thought it was pretty cute.  Now that I have the actual pattern, I have to tell you that the stitcheries are ADORABLE!   The prize package also included the fabric to make the entire quilt.  Thank you again, Kaaren.

I missed out on OPAM for January, because I thought it didn’t start until February.  I’ll have a nice list for February.  I’m working like crazy on two quilts, and doing some hand work on each of them. 

And now I’m off to appreciate my Snow Sew day! 




  1. Oh my goodness!!!! That is amazing! Stay warm.

  2. I do believe that we are finally having a real winter this winter--and actually it feels good--I do dislike warm winters--no fun in that!!!
    So glad to hear that you can work from home--and sneak some sewing time in too!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  3. Oh lucky you , taht is quite the package to receive . Happy snow day :-)

  4. Goodness, you all must be one of "those" on the news showing the big snowstorms! Although the photos are lovely I know you are ready for some warm weather. Your snowy blog theme sure goes well with those pretty photos...

  5. Wow it looks beautiful but oh so cold, stay safe and warm.

  6. Hope the weather soon improves for you. At least you have some lovely stitching to do!

  7. that weather is crazy but glad you can keep safe and warm... lovely fabric and pattern to keep you occupied too!

  8. oh Sunny what crazy weater and good that you can work from home,stay safe.xx

  9. "Snow Days" looks like a beautiful project. It's nice to have everything you need to get going. That cat pic is funny. This has been one unusual winter.

  10. What great snow pictures! Hope the cat survived and did not catch cold! Here our Tons snow seems to melt with the rain comming down, all so strange. Lovely pattern, enjoy your sewing days :-)

  11. Crazy weather for sure! Enjoy your sewing time.

  12. We've had more snow than normal for us too and I'm ready for spring! blessings, marlene

  13. Love the cat picture. I needed that laugh today. Thanks.

  14. yes, it has been a bad winter for so many. I hear records are being set. Nice package from Kaaren.

  15. Isn't that the cutest with the kitten in the snow. Sorry Sunny - I'm not feeling your snow pain at all. Our weather is 60 - 70 degrees - short sleeve weather. So happy for you that your power is holding up - that's a big deal. My mother's place was out of power for day. No heat! Yikes.
    I LOVE that snow quilt you received so adorable. Have fun making it.


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