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Monday, April 27, 2015

Wrapping up a Purple April

Purple has been the April color for RSC15.  I don’t use a lot of purple, so the scrap pile wasn’t very big.  And now it’s practically nonexistent.
First up is a baby quilt that I needed for a special group.

Then I needed a Dresden plate for my rainbow collection.

I think I’ve decided what I’m going to do with the Dresdens.  More to follow soon about my plans.
I was also able to make a purple doll quilt before I ran our of scraps.
My stitcheries for the Val Laird BOM and for Jenny’s BOM were stitched earlier this week.  Needless to say, I’m not spending a lot of time with my iron at this point!

I received a very unexpected surprise birthday gift last week from my friend Di .The package included a beautiful table topper, a giant pin cushion, and a pair of scissors. 
We’ve taken time out for hiking and walking and photographing more wildflowers this week.  Another walk is on tap tomorrow with a friend.  And then more stitching.  I spent much of today turning more scraps into placemats.  I’ll have several  of them to share soon.
We’ve been watching the news all night tonight with great sadness as protesters have been destroying parts of Baltimore with fires, looting, and violence.  I’ll never understand how thugs think this will solve any problems.  Please keep the First responders and good citizens of Baltimore in your prayers.


  1. We've heard about Baltimore over here too - very sad. Love your purple beauties. a great use of your purples, right down to the doll quilt! What a beautiful gift from Di, such a thoughtful lady. Gorgeous stitcheries, you have been busy. Happy hiking :-)

  2. Lovely work Sunny - purple is a favourite colour of mine so I don't have much in my stash cos I keep using it! Beautiful gifts from Di. xx

  3. You are simply amazing........... You arrange such wonderful designs.... I get so many ideas from your blog......

    Had to print Val Laird's BOM......... I will add it to the stack of things I want to do if I live to be 200........

  4. So much sadness in the news lately...

    Lovely purple projects and lovely stitcheries you have been working on.
    Di sent a gorgeous parcel.

    Love seeing your fabulous photos when you go on your walks.

  5. I am so sad to hear/read of the violence in Baltimore. Even though I lived through something similar here in the greater St. Louis area, I still just don't understand ... oh, I understand the frustration and even the anger, but I fail to understand the violence, looting and destruction ... I just can't see how anyone could possibly think that's the solution.

    Your stash of purple might have been small, but it was mighty. I love your purple blocks.

  6. HI Sunny--love all those purple things you made--just don't let Alice see them--she is a purple person for sure!!! Here is my take on this 'violence'--it just gives the
    "bad" guys a license to loot and destroy in what they say is a march for righteousness--there is nothing right about damaging their neighbors business's and homes and cars--they are just wanting an excuse to be 'bad' --and 98% or more of the 'bad' ones did not even know the victim--they just want to be 'bad' and get away with it!!
    ok--Di get off the soap box!!!
    got my FL hair cut yesterday--it is really really short!!!
    love, diandmissgracie

  7. lovely stitching and nice gift you received too...

  8. So many wonderful projects. Love all that purple fun going on, especially the doll quilt.

  9. Good on you Sunny, using so much of your purples to make those lovely things.
    Yes the Baltimore situation does look terrible from what I'm seeing on tv here in Oz; nothing like a thoughtless gang mentality to create such havoc.

  10. Lots of purple goodness , well done with so many finishes .

  11. Just lovely - I adore that doll quilt, so sweet!!!! Your stitcheries are looking great. I need to get moving with mine! Great gift, what a lovely friend.

    I agree about Baltimore - although I think it's professional thugs who are doing most of the damage. I sure got a kick out of that mama slapping her son around when she caught him down there throwing rocks at police!

  12. What a cute quilt. And what a fun gift to receive from a friend.

  13. Gosh, you have been so busy with all these lovely projects, and definitely keeping the purple theme going.

  14. Somehow I missed this post. You are always doing so much! Great work on Val's design. My scrap pile of purple is very healthy. Call me should you need any. :-)

  15. lovely quilts and your birthday gift is so pretty.
    I agree, I don't see how looting and burning advances your cause and makes a statement?


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