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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can’t stop Stitching!

Every time I think about blogging, I’m in the middle of a stitching project, and I think that if I just finish it, I’ll have one more thing to blog about.  Ever have that problem?

I’m late with my Gifted Gorgeousness this month for a variety of reasons.  I was too busy working on other things, we took a short vacation, and I broke my eyeglasses!  But I persevered, and I’m happy to say that I’m halfway through!

I’ve definitely rediscovered my love of cross stitch!

The Club at our LQS has issued a UFO challenge for the next three months.  Since I have many UFO’s, most of which just need to be quilted and bound, that’s what I’m concentrating on right now.  This is probably the best quilting that I’ve done to date!   I’m practicing on some small quilts, working up to my Christmas quilt.

I also got back to my placemat project this month.  They were each made from leftover parts and pieces of previous quilts.








I have seven more tops completed, but I have to wait until I have some appropriately sized batting scraps before I can continue.  That means more sandwiching and quilting to come.

I participated in another postcard swap over on Sheila’s blog, and received this wonderful card from Linda.  Our theme this time was beach/summer. 


I need to learn to do thread painting, because I love what Linda did with this.  If you’d like to see more postcards, visit either of their blogs – they’re masters of the craft.  I forgot to take a picture of the card that I sent Linda, so perhaps I can get one from her blog later. 

Of course, we have managed one kayaking trip between rain and heat waves.



And now, I have stitching to do…….Sunny


  1. Yes! I would post a lot more often if I could just do it at the same time I'm sewing or cutting or whatever. My posts would no doubt be a lot more revealing as well. ;- )

  2. oh you have been busy stitching............lovely spot to kayak too.......................

  3. Ooh your cross stitch is so pretty - I've never done it, I much prefer regular embroidery [and I think it's easier on my old eyes, lol]. Love your house quilt - and all your placemats!! Are they for you? I was thinking of making some for Christmas gifts, but I don't know anyone's decor. Pretty, pretty postcard, and great pics...glad you got some kayaking in...

  4. Thaks for taking part in GG this month. Your Santa's Village is looking great. It's June and you are halfway there! Perfectly on time.

  5. Wow! Some beautiful projects you are working on.... I love them! Have a great week of stitching! :) x

  6. gorgeous cross stitching and lovely quilty projects too.
    Such beautiful scenery Sunny, kayaking looks like a great way to see such lovely country.

  7. Hi Sunny,wow that cross stitch is gorgeous,you always do such lovely work,well done and i love your beautiful pics xx

  8. I love your houses! Well I love everything really. Great card from Linda. xx

  9. Oh I can see why you have fallen I. Love with cross stitching again your Christmas stitching are just gorgeous.
    Nice to get some small project s done.
    Love going kayaking with you, great photos.

  10. Wow, you have been busy. I love you cross stitch project. I have an old one I would love to finish but I don't see that happening any time soon!

  11. Productivity feels so good. Lots of great finishes coming up.

  12. I've learned to read and stitch at the same time ... now I just need to figure out how to blog while stitching. ha! You've been busy in spite of your little travels and the broken glasses.

  13. Your cross stitching is gorgeous. I'd be lost without my glasses when stitching those little stitches.

    Your postcard is beautiful. She did such a great job with the thread painting.

    It was nice to take a little trip with all of that stitching going on there.

  14. Very nice cross stitch , I haven't done any in years . Love Lindas postcard , the addiiton of NS tartan is neat . Lots of great stitching happening along with some interesting travels :-)

  15. Great projects and lovely photos--
    forgot to tell you that I tried to win you a Kayak at the boat races on Saturday--
    the money went to our local Historical Soc.!!!

  16. It is fun to get back into cross-stitching again. And yours is done so well. I do love the little Santa design. Linda's project is so cute. I've been wanting to learn thread painting too. Maybe we'll find some classes or an online group and learn. And thanks for taking me cyber-kayaking again. :-)

  17. Sunny your cross stitch is amazing...

  18. You have so many lovely projects on the go. Your cross stitch is wonderful and great work on your UFOs.

  19. Hi Sunny - not sure how I missed this post - Wow great progress with Santa's Village - I think I might start it sooner than I thought, given that soon I won't have my machine so accessible!
    Great work on getting those finishes too - now you can create some more ufo's!!! (cheeky me)

  20. Your cross stitch project is absolutely beautiful, no wonder you are enjoying it! Good on you with the ufo challenge, I would have trouble choosing just 3 to complete!! The postcard is lovely - very summerlike! Always love your photos showing the nose of the kayak!!


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