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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Beautiful Finish

I just love this little quilt!  This is Val Laird’s BOM for this year.   You can go to her blog and scroll down the the individual posts.


I had most of it assembled after the 8th block, and even had the binding waiting.  As soon as I returned from vacation, stitching the final block was my top priority.  On a few of the blocks, I appliqued one of the larger designs rather than embroidering it.  Can’t wait to get this one hung.

A couple of years ago, I was gifted an orphan block – a basket.  It got buried in some fabric, and I unearthed it in January when I was sorting my scraps.  It’s now a spring wall hanging. 


oops – I still need to give the bunny an eye!  I worked on this last week while sewing with a friend. 

Today was a beautiful day, so DH and I had a play date.  We went for a short hike on the Appalachian Trail.  That wasn’t our plan when we left the house so I didn’t have my hiking boots, and my feet paid the price.  It felt so good to be outdoors though!  I don’t like to hike when it’s hot out, so we’ll start doing more as it cools down.


Back to stitching now . . . . Sunny



  1. Hi Sunny wow i love both the wall hangings,well done and what a beautiful trail,i hope you have a wonderful day xx

  2. Wow girl, well done on both - they're darling! How lovely to go hiking - I miss it. My feet won't take it anymore.

  3. What wonderful finishes. Now that it's getting cooler, a hike does sound a lot more enjoyable. Although I doubt if the hiking trails here can compete with yours. ;-)

  4. Love your beautiful ValLaird BOM wall hanging....
    What a lovely Spring wall hanging you made from the orphan block..
    Pleased hubby and you are enjoying the out doors before the heat sets in.

  5. Your spring wall hanging turned out so cute...love the bunny.

  6. You did so good getting Val's BOM finished. And it's so pretty. What a joy to have hanging in your house. The bunny basket is adorable. I like the fabric you used for a border and binding. I think I would use a button for the eye. I saw your posts on facebook and wondered what AT was! I figured the T was for Trail, now I know what the A is for. Very pretty place to go walking.

  7. love your quilt again you have done a beautiful job--and love that orphan block and what you did with it--
    I am happy that here the weather is a bit cooler --
    love, di

  8. Hello Sunny! Love your BOM quilt and the little bunny wall hanging is really cute! Christine x

  9. Your quilt is lovely and the orphan block looks great as a little wall hanging . Looks like a pretty place for a hike :-)

  10. Beautiful job on your sweet orphan block. Your bom quilt is lovely. It is so nice to be outside in the fresh air...our hot weather is coming. We try and go early morning when its cooler.

  11. Love your wall hangings Sunny especially the BOM .

  12. Great finish with the BOM. It is lovely.
    And the Spring block is a gorgeous finish, too.
    The hiking trail looks so pretty with the Autumn colours.

  13. I love what you did with the orphan block and your stitchery is amazing!

  14. I like your blog. Visit me!!!

  15. love your finishes. that bunny orphan block is adorable

  16. A beautiful quilt Sunny! I love the sayings on it! I will be downloading this pattern. Such a cute bunny!


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