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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

It is HOT here.  Much too hot to do anything outdoors.  So that means I have plenty of time for sewing.  Or Cross stitching.  Or planning a nice fall vacation.

We started the month by attending the first birthday party of my great-niece.  She lives in Florida, so we don't see her often except on Facebook.  I don't often like to share pictures of myself, but her daddy grabbed my phone and got a few pretty good shots.  She's so precious.
On another day, I accompanied DH to a doctor's appointment in Baltimore, and he suggested we visit a nearby Quilt Shop.  Sure!  I picked up a Row by Row pattern and a couple of fat quarters.  My stash of dark/hot pinks is seriously lacking, and that's the color for RSC this month.  I'll be finishing those blocks later today.  While out and about, we had a delicious lunch at a deli in Baltimore, and then drove slightly out of our way to try ice cream at a creamery that we had just learned about.  It was well worth the trip.  Try the coconut ice cream if you ever get there    <3 p="">

The owners of the Creamery have planted a large field of sunflowers right next to the building, which was another reason for our visit.  The sunflowers were facing away from the sun (?) so the pictures aren't the greatest, but that didn't stop us from trying.

Bribed with the promise of a stop at Cabela's, DH also went with me to the Kutztown Folk Festival earlier in the month.  My primary reason for going was to look at the quilts.  They advertise over 2000 quilts for sale.  A few of our Guild members have entered quilts and done quite well.  The quilts are judged and the top 24 are selected for auction on the last day of the festival.  One guild member had two quilts in the auction, and one of them was selected as one of four Best of Show awards.  Simply amazing.  Unfortunately, the way the quilts are displayed was very disappointing.  They are folded so that you only see a small portion of each quilt.

After seeing the quilts, we wandered around the rest of the festival grounds.  There were crafts, demonstrations, and plenty of food.  I will go back again, and next time I'll spend more time looking at the displays and folk art.
a mule-powered ride

now that's an ice cream maker!

Yes, we're in Pennsylvania Dutch country
Have we been kayaking, you ask?  Why yes we have.

Because technically this is a quilting blog, and that's the real reason you're probably here, here are some token stitching pictures.
another scrappy quilt for our Sheriff's Department

My July stitching for Gifted Gorgeousness
I've also been doing some secret stitching, and continue working on some long term projects.  I plan to finish my pink blocks for RSC today.  A couple of friends donated some pink scraps to me in addition to the fat quarters that I purchased.  I also came home with a bag stuffed with assorted scraps that I've been playing with, and a large stack of homespuns that nobody wanted.  WHAT?!?  Okay, I'll take them if no one else wants them.....

And I almost forgot!  I attended Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA over the weekend.  While sitting at a table selling raffle tickets, I had the opportunity to meet one of my blog followers!  How fun.  Thanks TR, I've sent you an email, and I hope we're able to get together sometime soon.

Be kind, always.     Sunny


  1. Hi Sunny wow i love your pics those flower ones are amazing,and your great niece is a cutie.
    Oh Sunny i do love your scrappy quilt,its fantastic well done xx

  2. hi Sunny ... love the photo of your great niece and you...
    DH and you always visiting such interesting places and i love the photos you took while kayaking..
    Nice block and stitching..

  3. Fabulous blog , so many lovely adventures. The sunflowers are beautiful. I'd have had all the scraps too

  4. It's great to see what has kept you too busy to blog! You've been having lots of mini adventures. The smart husband knows how important it is to be supportive, but I see it's a two way street! Ice cream AND Cabelas! I hope the rest of your summer is just as much fun. Loved all your pictures! XO

  5. You've been busy! That little one is so precious. The sun shining through the sunflowers is beautiful. Your photos from the kayak are stunning too.

  6. Oh my what fun photos--sounds to me like you have been a busy bee--in the sewing department and on the road--love the sunflowers too--wished I had been along for the ice cream--though I would of had something with mocha in it and chocolate--with strawberry being my new favorite as well--
    love and laughter, di

  7. You have had a busy time. Lovely time with family as well as many quilt related diversions. Love the idea of doing that. The sunflowers are wonderful.

  8. Beautiful photos, love the scrappy quilt :)

  9. You and your hubby DO get around! The pic of you and the baby is so sweet! Did you make the quilt for the sheriff's dept?

  10. Hello Sunny, so many lovely photos, those sunflowers are beautiful.

  11. You have been busy and seen and been to some really lovley places! Gorgeous pic of you with your niece and I just love those sunflowers :-) Good to see you have been squeezing a little bit of sewing in!

  12. You've been a busy bee! Glad you got to drop into a quilt shop and the festival, and those sunflowers are just lovely! Love the photo of you and your great niece best :) xx

  13. Those sun flowers are gorgeous. I love to see your photos. Your great niece is adorable. Looks like your are enjoying your summer.

  14. Oh Sunny that pic of you and your great-niece is too precious!!! I love your sunflower pics. Did you make the Sheriff's quilt? I love it!

  15. Wow you're a busy lady Sunny... great pics all of them - yes including YOU - lovely stitching too xx

  16. My sister loves kayaking - but it kinda scares me. :) I loved the picture! blessings, marlene


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