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Sunday, May 21, 2017


What is SKOU you ask?  It is Some Kind of Ugly.  I had good intentions with this quilt.  But I think it's one of the ugliest quilts I've ever seen.  Friends have assured me that someone will love it, and I hope they're right.  On Friday night, for FNSI, I finished the binding.

Poor lighting late at night.  This is all in pink.

I took a break from my quilting and binding blitz to go to the shore for a couple of days.  We did some wildflower hiking, beach walking, picture taking, touring, and pony watching.
one of two deer we saw on nature walk.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge seen from eastern shore

Tower on Delaware Beach

Bottle tree?

Blue-eyed grass

Wild ponies of Assateague

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

Glossy Ibis

Assateague Lighthouse

Great Egret

Great Blue Heron

Walking the beach at sunrise
I've been to three sewing groups since I returned, but none of my projects are finished.  If all goes according to plan tomorrow, there WILL be finishes!

There was a mourning dove on our deck this morning and it caught the attention of the girls.  They're used to seeing squirrels and smaller birds, but the doves don't often get on the deck.  They're down below eating what the other birds and squirrels drop on the ground!

Happy Sewing........Sunny


  1. Hi Sunny your quilt is lovely well done on your finish and i am loving your nature pics xx

  2. Hi Sunny, I think you're being too harsh on yourself...good on you for finishing a quilt you don't like! Lovely photos x

  3. I am sure someone will love your quilt.... it doesn't look so ugly to me! Lovely photographs too! Have a good week! Christine x

  4. I can see someone loving your quilt. I admire you for finishing it as I generally turn mine in at the guild meeting and let someone else do it.

    Your wildlife photos are lovely.

  5. That's not an ugly quilt and it WILL be loved by someone....
    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos....

  6. I have done it too--thought I was making a 'beautiful' quilt--only to decide it was ugly--but that ugly one always seemed to find a home--so be happy in knowing that quilt is just perfect for someone and it will be loved!!!(I don't think it is ugly--but we all have our own ideas!!)
    love all the nature photos--
    enjoy the moments, diane

  7. Oh no Sunny , I don't think it's ugly at all!
    Beautiful nature pics, how lucky to come upon a bottle tree in full bloom and fruit, shame they weren't ripe and full of drink lol
    Your two cats look so sweet looking out the window.

  8. What a lovely outing! Wish I'd been there. Looking forward to finally getting 'out there'! Someone WILL love that quilt! It's not ugly in the least. Your tastes have just changed. Enjoy your evening!

  9. Well I think it's lovely, but if you're not happy with it then someone will be!! Love all your pics - wild horses, flowers, beach, take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You silly goose! That quilt is very pretty! Some little girl will love it! Love your pics, esp the wild ponies!

  11. well I don't think your quilt is ugly. It's funny how what pleases one person doesn't another. those wild ponies look nice and fat...

  12. What??? It isn't ugly!!! I'll have it, lol! I think it is gorgeous :) Love the kitties starting out at the dove :)

  13. It isn't ugly at all , someone will definitely love it . Love all your photos too !

  14. I think that hexie quilt is very sweet and "Girlie". It's definitely going to be loved. The shoreline is so beautiful up your way. What a treat to immerse yourself in all that natural beauty!

  15. It is interesting how we all have different tastes. I think the quilt is fine and will be enjoyed by someone. Looks like lovely weather to be out and about exploring.


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