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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge

It's always good to save some money for a fabric splurge, so I've joined Val's 5th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge!   The goal is to fill up my piggy bank with spare change, and maybe a bill or two for the coming year.  Then next July we count up our savings, and figure out what to buy!!  It's not too late if you want to join in!  I don't have a very exciting piggy bank, but it's functional.  I hope to fill it a couple of times in the coming year.  I"m off to a good start.

On Sunday, Dh and I went wildflowering (again).  I'm amazed by how many flowers are still out there.  We don't usually bother looking for them after about the end of May.
Everlasting Pea with silver-spotted skipper

Common Evening Primrose

Purple Coneflower
I've always been terrified of bugs and bees, but I love photographing them on flowers!  I know they're not interested in bothering me if I don't bother them.

Our next stop was a BBQ joint that we've driven past many times.  I'm glad we finally stopped!  And then we went to an antique mall that I haven't been to in ages.  I'm on the hunt for hankies, after seeing this quilt on Facebook. - Stitching is My Happy Place
I managed to get a nice start to my collection!  I'm not a very good shopper, because I didn't realize that the one that I paid the most for  had a couple of holes in it!  But it's gorgeous, and I'll find a way to work with it.

I also enjoyed looking at old sewing machines.  I'd love to get a treadle machine some day.

In other stitchy news, I'm on another quilting blitz, so I'll have quilts to share soon.  I've finished quilting  three small ones so far, and will be working on binding at a sewing group tomorrow.  They're all packed up and ready to go.  I guess I better go get some sleep so I can get an early start in the morning.

Keep on stitching......  Sunny

quilts seen at antique mall


  1. Good luck with your piggy bank challenge.
    Great to see the flowers still out.
    The quilt looks good with the handkerchiefs. have fun collecting them.

  2. Have fun filling your Piggy Jar...
    What a lovely outing. Looking at flowers and some gorgeous quilts and old sewing machines...
    Do your hankies have to be old ones?

  3. Hi Sunny good luck with your piggy bank challenge,love your flower pics,look forward to seeing your quilts xx

  4. Good idea to have the piggy bank... looking forward to seeing how much you save and what you splurge it on!! I want to find some hankies now too... not sure where over here though! Might have to get "new" ones... xx

  5. I love looking at old machines also........I have quiet a few.......

  6. Have fun with the piggy bank challenge! It'll be fun to see what you decide to buy. I love the hankies quilt; can't wait to see yours one day. Lots of pretty pics of the flowers and bees. I bought a yellow coneflower to plant this year. I noticed the yellow butterflies seem to love it.

  7. Welcome to the challenge Sunny! ANd have fun collecting those hankies. :)

    1. HI Sunny! It's time to share how you did saving this year. Stop by to share this week.

  8. I guess I am not really doing the challenge--though I do have a jar that when I have too much change in my purse it goes in there--and I try to put some dollars in it==but someone keeps taking them out and using them==bad lady!!! I still have a nice collection of hankies all kinds--one of these days I will use them somehow!!!! Have fun finishing your little quilts--
    enjoy the moments, di

  9. Good luck with the piggy bank, love looking at old machines especially seeing some of the beautiful work made on them.

  10. We save up all our change - and use it for whatever when it gets full... it's amazing how much fits in a jar. I also fancy a treadle machine - it seems such a lovely motion to sit and sew with -

  11. Good luck with your piggy bank! I've used one for years and we love counting out the money when it gets full. Love the gorgeous photos of the flowers! Can't wait to see your finished quits. ~Jeanne

  12. The Piggy Janr challenge sounds like a lot of fun! Hubby has a money jar on his desk but I keep raiding it to fill the parking meters! The hankie quilt will be a gorgeous project. Looks like you have seen lots of interesting things lately!

  13. It's easy to accumulate change here in Canada, with the loonies and the toonie, and no one dollar bills. Pretty pics, as always!

  14. Good luck with the piggy bank challenge, I've done it for a few years now, and it is always fun to see how much you can save.

  15. Love your find of hankies. You will have that quilt in no time. I'll go through my stuff and see if I have any, If so I'll send them to you. Good luck with your bank savings.

  16. Your hanky quilt will look lovely...

  17. Pretty hankies for your new project.
    Lovely flowers too.
    May your money jar runneth over!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished quilting..

  18. A hankie quilt. What a wonderful idea. I have a bunch of hankies that were my grandmother's and know I know what to do with them.

  19. Pretty pastel wreaths. I am not always good at doing identical blocks throughout a quilt though I very much like the look.


  20. Good luck finding some pretty hankies for your quilt. I am running out of breath looking at everything you have been achieving!


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